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10 Important Things You Should Do Before Your Next RV Trip 

March 26 , 2021

We covered some of these “should-dos” in more detail in our previous articles, but it’s always a good thing to have a compiled checklist of the things you should do BEFORE your next RV trip. We can let some of these slip our minds, especially when we are planning all the fun we’re going to have along the way! Let’s get started.

Ask ourselves: “What KIND of road trip is this?” 

Is this a remote camping excursion with loads of hiking and exploring? Maybe it is a sightseeing adventure for a specific national park? Perhaps you want to head out West and go wherever the winding road leads you? Ask yourself this important question. It’ll set the stage for all the other important points on the checklist.

All credentials are up-to-date

This is a no brainer, right? Believe it or not, if our RV has been sitting for a while, some credentials might have lapsed. Be sure your license, registration, insurance is all up-to-date. Make sure everyone, including your pet, journeying with you has some form of valid ID. It is rare for every person (or pet!) to be asked to need their ID, but it could happen.

Routine RV maintenance 

Another no brainer, am I right?! Don’t let this slip your mind. If you run into a badly backed up septic tank or an RV with poor tire treads, you might be in for a serious unplanned pit stop on your road trip. And dare I say, you might even have to turn around and forfeit the whole adventure! Get the essentials checked out before you head out. You can do it yourself, or you can take it to an RV specific mechanic.

House sitter / friend checker 

If you don’t live in your RV full-time, think smart about your permanent stomping grounds! Hire a house sitter to stay at your place for the duration of your trip. You can ask a friend or hire someone to come in to check things out periodically and keep an eye on your place. It’ll give you peace of mind as you travel. If you are planning to RV travel for months at a time, you can even rent your home temporarily to make some extra money on the road. If you opt for the latter, don’t forget to follow laws in your home state.

Home security system / remote controls 

Very helpful! Don’t plan to have anyone at the house on your road trip? Home security systems with remote controls have come a long way. You can basically check-up on your home and even remotely control different features, such as lights, temperature and even watering plants as often as you’d like on your journey.

Bring multiple forms of navigation 

Cell phone with GPS maps, satellite GPS navigation system and a paper map. These 3 navigation tools will ensure you won’t find yourself lost and confused on your next RV road trip. You never know when service is going to fade away. Best to have all 3 for extra safety.

Check weather 

From state-to-state, even from county-to-county, temperatures can change drastically. Make sure you have the proper gear, insulation and cooling systems for every type of weather, wherever you are!

Time management 

This one can get tricky. If you are on a tight schedule, you want to factor in traffic flow, construction, pit stops and basic needs along the way. Plan roughly 1 to 2 hours ahead of time to ensure you get to where you want to be at the time you planned.

Plan your route 

Thank goodness for tech! There are many reliable and nifty RV travel apps to help you plan your route. Check out our article on “7 Most Helpful RV Travel Websites and Camping Apps for Your Road Trip” to map your entire journey from start to finish before heading out.  

Stock up on the special essentials 

What qualifies as a special essential? For starters, our septic safe, biodegradable toilet paper and septic deodorizers! You aren’t going to find these in any local convenience store in the country. Other special essentials include, your favorite frozen foods only sold on your side of the river and any other gadgets and gizmos you can only get online at a fraction of the cost. Remember, no mailing address on the road unless you have a P.O. BOX. Yes, Amazon lockers do exist, but you might have to stay in one place for longer than expected to get the product you want. Not worth it, buy the special essentials beforehand.

Check! Check! Check! Yes, the freedom of the road is our desire. Never forget preparation will make your RV adventure smooth sailing. Now that you know, you can RV ride easy and rest even easier!


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