10 Best Accessories for Camping

August 28, 2018

10 Best Accessories for Camping

When you’re going camping, there are just some things you can’t leave home without. Keep the essentials with you at all times to ensure the safety and well being of you and your family. Camping can be incredibly fun, but the worst thing you can possibly do is go for a trip unprepared. Make sure you have these 10 accessories for your adventure, even if you don’t think you’ll need them, it’s good to have them on hand.


1. Multi-Function Compass

Sure, we have GPS and phones to help us make our way through the wilderness, but there’s no guarantee those things won’t run out of juice, break, or completely lose signal while you’re trailblazing. Get yourself a compass of the highest quality, it should be waterproof, shake proof, and preferably have some type of illumination to help you navigate through darkness if you get lost.


2. Water Filter

Human beings can survive for weeks without eating any food. However, after a few days without water, we will eventually succumb to dehydration. LifeStraw Steel is an incredibly useful tool with a filtration system that is able to immediately remove any harmful bacteria present in the water. The stainless steel prevents rusting, and it includes a carbon capsule that can be replaced to preserve freshness at all times.


3. A Strong, Roomy Backpack

Depending on how intense your camping trip is going to be, you need a backpack that can carry all the necessities. You’ll want something that has plenty of pockets for your water bottle, pocket knife, first aid kit, and so on. Look for materials that repel water and won’t tear if it gets caught on a jagged rock or other sharp surfaces.


4. Folding Knife

One thing you definitely shouldn’t ever leave without is a foldable pocket knife. You never know what you may need it for, whether it’s cutting up a fish or using it to defend yourself against the unsuspected dangers of wildlife. If you end up in a crisis situation, you may need your knife to help build items such as a raft, or cut branches from a tree to make a hut. In any case, make sure you’ve got a durable, sharp knife at all times.



5. First Aid Kit

When you’re out in nature, the chances of being stung by a bee or getting a rash from poison ivy is much more likely than when you’re just relaxing at home. You absolutely need a safety kit that includes debriding liquid such as hydrogen peroxide, gauze, bandaids, pain medication, tweezers, and any other items you feel are pertinent to your family. If someone has asthma, bring an extra inhaler just in case. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!


6. Pocket Blanket

One of the biggest problems people seem to run into with camping is finding enough room to put all their stuff in one place. Pocket Blankets literally fit into the palm of your hand and don’t have to be rolled up and placed on top of your backpack.

7. A Flashlight or Solar Powered Lantern

Obviously, you never want to go camping without a flashlight. However, flashlights almost always require batteries, and even if you have a fresh pair, there’s still a chance for things to go wrong. Keeping a solar powered lantern on hand as a backup plan could save you a lot of frustration and heartache. Most of us need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night at some point, so make sure you’ve got adequate lighting at all times.

8. Weatherproof Sleeping Bag

Most people just go out and buy a sleeping bag that would be the warmest for winter, or most comfortable for cold weather. What they don’t know, is that sleeping bags come with “ratings”. This scale measures how well your sleeping bag is going to fair in certain kinds of weather. You’ll want something that is waterproof, and fully unzips in case it gets too warm at night.


9.  Weatherproof Tent

If you're not sleeping in an RV, it is extremely important that you get a tent that is water-resistant and remains stable in the wind. When you're out in the wilderness, you have to remember that wild animals will be out there with you. It's highly recommended that you sleep in a tent or another enclosed space to prevent the possibility of attack from bears, wolves, and other predators. 


10. Waterproof Matches

Even the best lighter in the world can break or malfunction, so sometimes it's better to stick to "old-school" methods. Matches are truly a lifesaver in situations where you end up lost or unable to make a fire after your lighter breaks. Try the UCO Kit that contains 25 waterproof and windproof matches.