10 Environmentally Friendly Tips for Your Camping Adventure

October 23, 2019

10 Environmentally Friendly Tips for Your Camping Adventure

When getting ready for your next camping trip, it is wise to consider the ways you can reduce your carbon footprint on the earth. Sometimes we may forget the impact living outdoors for even a short period of time can do. We get used to the luxuries of our domestic lifestyle. From sanitary waste management to electricity powering our homes. There are environmentally friendly tips we can put to good use on our next outdoor or RV camping adventure. 

Tip 1: Bring your own trash bags. 

Not every campsite has garbage cans around for you to dispose of your trash. Be sure to take your mess with you in a trash bag before leaving your campsite.


Tip 2: Use biodegradable toilet paper.

Whether doing your business outdoors on in an RV camper, biodegradable toilet paper is the ecofriendly approach to bathroom use. It won't clog your septic tank and it will disintegrate when wet. 


Tip 3: Try solar powered lights. 

No need to overuse electricity if you have solar paneled lights. Some lanterns and flashlights come with solar panels to charge up during the day for ample lighting at night. 


Tip 4: Burn wood indigenous to the area. 

We may be attempted to grab wood from elsewhere before camping. Although this may be more convenient, its best to collect or buy local firewood from the area. Firewood from other places may contaminate the existing ecosystem in the area.

Tip 5: Avoid burning plastic. 

Plastic can release toxins into the atmosphere when burnt in a fire. It is safer to stick to local wood and tinder. Some cardboard and other similar materials can be safe, but avoid burning any plastic. 

Tip 6: Use citronella candles to keep insects away. 

The insects can be vicious in some areas. We do not want to get bitten or eaten alive when camping. However, lighting citronella candles can help repel insects from your campsite instead of using harsh insect repellents. 

Tip 7: Scout your surroundings before setting up camp or parking your RV. 

If not camping in an area already made for RV campers or overnight camping, be sure to scout the area for surrounding wildlife. You don't want to disrupt the natural ecosystem by parking your RV on the home of an animal or have the smoke from your fire in a birds nest.


Tip 8: Put out your fire before bedtime. 

We may be tempted to let our fire burn out on its own. It is best to be absolutely sure our fire is out for the night. We wouldn't want any embers to accidently blow out of the pit. Forest fires can happen if you don't properly put out your fire. Smother the fire using water or even soil. Use a stick to be sure you get to any embers burning underneath. 

Tip 9: Pack reusable items. 

Cut down on waste by packing reusable items such as dishes, utensils and towels when camping. Pack one set for each person to use throughout the camping trip. 

Tip 10: Use green cleaners for washing. 

Green cleaners contain no harsh chemicals that can pollute the environment when being used outdoors or inside of your RV. Some places will not allow RV campers to dump their water waste if chemicals were used when washing. 

We go camping to be immersed in nature. Our appreciation for the natural beauty, organic plant life and robust wildlife is shown by the measures we take to keep the surroundings as they were before we arrived. These environmentally friendly tips for camping are the sustainable steps in the right direction! 


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