10 Gift Ideas For the Glamping Camper in Your Life

October 02, 2019

10 Gift Ideas For the Glamping Camper in Your Life

Glamour and camping, the way to not rough it in the wild. Together, they create glamping. Many people are glamping campers! How do you know if someone you love is a glamping camper? If they love comfort, luxury and high grade essentials, chances are they are a glamper. 


1. Dissolvable Toilet Tissue 

Yes, the glamper in your life wants to be sure their fanny and their toilet is in good hands too. Dissolvable toilet tissue is designed for RV campers with bathrooms and for outdoor use on the go. It is biodegradable and dissolves when wet. This ensures their luxurious porcelain throne (or the hole outdoors!) doesn't clog and the environment is protected too! 

2. Septic tank deodorizers 

Noone wants to smell the bathroom after the deed is done even at home. Septic tank deodorizers ensure your glampers RV camper bathroom is always smelling fresh and never clogging the septic tank, no matter who uses the bathroom first or last. 

3. Battery powered blenders 

The luxury of at home cocktails can now be reproduced while camping. If your glamper loves a good cocktail, a battery powered blender will ensure they can make and take their cocktails anywhere they roam. 

4. Electric massagers 

After a long hike or outdoor adventure, glampers love to relax. Electric or battery powered, personal back massagers can be used anywhere and at anytime. They will love to sit around a warm fire while enjoying a soothing massage at the same time. 


5. Inflatable mattress 

No RV camper? Not to worry! Set up a tent and blow up an inflatable massage for comfort like the bed at home. Glampers don't like to sleep on the hard ground. Inflatable mattresses allow them to sleep soundly and comfortably without any pebble pinching their body. 


6. Insulated sleeping bags 

You could opt for any ole sleeping bag, but give your glamper a sleeping bag they may even want to use at home. The outside is entirely waterproof and the inside is lined with fleece for added comfort and luxury during sleep. 

7. Portable internet

If your glamper can't live without exploring the internet, posting on social media or watching their shows throughout the day, portable wifi is available for RV campers and glampers on the go. Remote locations don't always give full service and reception. A portable receiver will allow them to stream, search and post almost anywhere. 

8. Space Heaters 

Even in an RV camper, it may be difficult to keep the generator running all night. This is especially true if you aren't parked in RV campgrounds overnight. In colder climates, it's helpful to have a portable heater to have in your RV or in a tent for the night. They can heat up enclosed spaces quickly so your glamper won't have to worry about shivers throughout the day or during the night. 


9. Firestarters 

Don't feel like collecting wood to build a campfire? Firestarters are logs that quickly and easily will get the fire going with just one or two match sticks. They burn slowly and last long too. No need to build a teepee or worry about the wind, they start up when your glamper strikes a match or flicks a lighter. 

10. Cooling fan 

The warm summer day just became a little cooler with a battery powered cooling fan. Most come with a self operated fan and a spritzer. Glampers can simply fill with water and stay cool throughout the hike or during the day outdoors. Some fans even attach to gear so they won't have to hold their portable cooling fan as they hike.  

Glampers may not like getting down and dirty outdoors, but they know how to live it up when in nature. Give them the gifts that will keep their comforts close to home and in their hearts no matter where the next adventure takes them! 


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