10 Practical Gifts for Outdoorsy Men  

September 02, 2019

10 Practical Gifts for Outdoorsy Men  

Not all men like the same things. One thing is for sure, practical men who love the outdoors can find a common ground to stand on when it comes to gifts they enjoy. Whether it’s your dad, brother, son, uncle, grandpa or your spouse, nothing says “I care about you,” like a gift they won’t have to go out and buy themselves even though they may need it. In fact, they may have never known they needed it! 

Outdoorsy men tend to enjoy - you guessed it, being outdoors! Some even own RV campers to take on long camping trips. These 10 practical gifts are for outdoorsy men who love camping, RV travel and spending time in nature.   

1. Back-up Tent Gear 

Even the hardiest tents could use an extra set of sturdy tent poles and metal tent stakes. These are the first things to go when tents are used for a long time. It is natural wear and tear on tents.  When already setup outdoors, this can be a real pain if a pole snaps or a stake breaks. Your practical man will appreciate a set of back-up tent gear with tarps, tent poles, metal stakes and a heavy-duty mallet to keep the stakes in place. 

2. Biodegradable Toilet Tissue 

He may be practical, but one of the first things he forgets are basic camping essentials like toilet paper. Not all campgrounds have bathrooms or even come equipped with toilet paper for campers to use. Biodegradable toilet tissue dissolves in water and it is environmentally friendly. This means whether camping in an RV or using nature as his bathroom, this toilet tissue won’t harm his septic tank or the outdoors. Less trash, less waste. 

3. Durable Socks 

A good pair of socks is essential when spending time in nature. Long hikes call for breathable and comfortable socks. Breathable socks help to prevent sweating. They will keep his feet cool.  If hiking in very wet conditions, a good pair of waterproof socks goes a long way. Waterproof socks are not as breathable as some other types, but they will keep his feet dry. 

4. Deodorizers

This practical gift is for the outdoorsy man who loves to travel in his RV camper. Deodorizers care for the RV septic tank by removing build-up and breaking down waste. They also keep things clean and fresh smelling. The maintenance of the vehicle may be one of his top priorities, but the cleanliness of his RV camper bathroom may be one of the last things on his mind. Give him something that says I care about your camper, I care about your safety, I care about your comfort. 

5. Water Bottle with Built-in Filter

Carrying gallons and bottles of filtered water in your backpack or RV camper is not only heavy but produces more waste. If he is camping in an area with water fill-up stations, many don’t provide filtered water. A water bottle with a built-in filter will make it convenient and easy for him to fill up water from anywhere. Not all are necessarily designed to fill up water from lakes or reservoirs. If you want to get a truly high-tech water bottle, you can find one that can be filled up using water from natural bodies of water. A canteen is another good option. Canteens are deceivingly smaller looking, but many actually hold more water than standard size water bottles. Plus, they are more comfortable to carry on long hikes. 

6. Binoculars 

A high-quality pair of binoculars goes along way when spending time outdoors. Whether it is for bird watching or spotting something in the distance, they are a good tool any practical, outdoorsy man should have for fun and for safety. They come in handy when checking out new terrain, setting up camp or looking out for wildlife. 

7. Battery-free Flashlight

A flashlight is the most useful and practical gift for the outdoors. Whether taking night hikes, looking for the opening of your tent, making your way to the bathroom, or searching for cool rocks in the dark, a flashlight is a beneficial tool to have. Flashlights that do not need batteries to function are the best. These are typically solar powered flashlights with batteries that recharge from the sun or by using a built-in hand crank to power them on. 

8. Citronella Candles 

A candle might not sound like the greatest gift for a practical man, but they are when they serve a practical purpose. Citronella candles are a natural way to repel mosquitos. The intense citrus scent is unpleasant to both mosquitos and flies who tend to avoid going anywhere near them. They can keep it lit outside of their tent or around the campfire to keep the pests away. 


9. Outdoor Hats 

Hats are perfect for any outdoor weather. Breathable hats are good to keep his head cool in hot weather. Many are breathable, sweat-resistant and have flaps that protect the face and the back of the neck from sun exposure. For hats in cold weather, wool or fleece-lined hats with flaps to protect the ears and the neck are essential for keeping body heat inside. The crowns of our heads are where a large portion of our body heat is released from.

10. Swiss Army Knife 

Swiss Army knives are compact, multi-tools used for a variety of purposes. They contain a knife, can-opener, screwdriver and various other practical tools. Some swiss army knives even contain tweezers! They are the perfect practical gift for outdoor survival or handy work in the RV camper. If he doesn’t have one yet, chances are he has always wanted one. 

It may not always be easy to shop for the men in your life. Fortunately, these practical gifts for outdoorsy men will cut down on the guessing and brain racking! They will thank you for supporting their love of travel and the great outdoors! 


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