5 Different and Unique RV Campers

April 09, 2019

5 Different and Unique RV Campers

A question that often comes up when desiring to travel across the country in an RV camper is what type of RV Camper do I buy? People are often flabbergasted when they see the costs of an RV camper and the insurance that comes along with it. It’s nice to have an RV that feels like a home-on-wheels. However, there are many different and unique RV campers. From those spanning 35 ft and beyond to alternative RV campers that aren’t always considered when scoping the scene for RV’s.

Traditional Travel Trailer and Motorhome

These are the big ticket RV campers. The road whales. Travel trailers can hitch to the back of your vehicle. Motorhomes are drivable versions. They typically have all the fixings. Already designed like a home, they typically come with 1 - 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and some even have a small dining area. You must take care of these like they were your actual home. Pay attention to the septic tank, the generator or other power source and where you plan to park it.


Utility or Cargo Van

A utility van is among the more unique types of RV campers. However, you can turn them into a pretty suitable RV camper. Most utility vans already come with a spacious cargo area. They are generally entirely metal on the inside. Some people recommend having floor to ceiling wood paneling placed inside for comfort and warmth. Utility vans are built to transport equipment, therefore, condensation isn’t a problem. A full to queen sized bed can be placed inside. A shelf can also be built behind the driver and passenger seat. The shelf can be used as a desk, dining area or a place to set up a portable cooker. Only downside is there aren’t many windows.


Minivan or SUV

These type of RV campers generally have a tighter squeeze. They are recommended for 1 - 2 travelers. Many minivans have removable seats and / or a row of seats that fold down. Fold the seats down, remove the others and add a layer of padding on the floor of the vehicle. You can even build a wooden bed frame to elevate your bed. This allows for more storage space underneath the bed. These type of RV campers are best for solely sleeping in. However, they are inconspicuous and easy to park nearly anywhere. If the quarters become too close for comfort after a few weeks, bring a tent with you and all the necessary items to sleep under the stars for a few nights.

Bus Camper

The classic Volkswagen bus is a treasured staple among roadtrippers and travelers. It’s retro look and inner design is built for this purpose. If you purchase one that hasn’t already been tampered with, you’ll most likely have to remove the seats. The buses are spacious enough to fit a decent sized bed and you can even build a small kitchen or large shelving area inside of them. For larger families, some have opted for a school bus. These will take a lot more handy work to turn into a home. Be aware of the condensation that can form on the inside without the right paneling or insulation. School buses are a much less expensive alternative for larger groups of people interested in traveling or living on the road.


Truck Camper

Truck campers are built on the top of trucks such as pick-up trucks. Instead of being built out, they are built up. This keeps them about the same length as a standard sized truck. They are easier to maneuver on the road. You can find these already made or tailored to meet your needs. They can house a bed, storage and some can even have a small dining area.

No matter what your budget is, there is a way to get you on the road living the RV dream you’ve always wanted. Explore your options to find out which one best meets your wallet and your lifestyle.


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