5 Holiday Gift Ideas for RV Owner

December 26, 2018

5 Holiday Gift Ideas for RV Owner

When you’ve got a friend or family member who always seems to be on the road, it's clear that they don’t really seem to carry around a lot of stuff. Gift-giving is tough when you don’t really know what someone who is always on the move would find useful. They’ve probably already got a thermos, fuzzy blankets, and plenty of matches and flash lights, so what would be the ideal item for someone who has limited space on the road?

Cast Iron Skillet

When people are always travelling, it's easy to assume that they might eat out a lot. However, RVer’s have to stick to a budget and be careful about where they spend money. So, home-cooked meals are an essential, and regular part of the day. Good cookware is absolutely necessary for this, and something like a cast iron skillet will be kept and used for years to come by your nomadic friends.

They’ll silently thank you everytime they go to use their sturdy, durable skillet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Toiletry Items

Owning an RV means constantly dealing with problems that you wouldn’t normally run into in a house. At home, you can flush the toilet and waste is whisked away to the city pipes where you no longer have to worry about it. Flushing a toilet in an RV means that it goes into the blackwater tank, which is attached to your mobile home and follows you everywhere you go.

As you’ve probably guessed, that smell can permeate the tank and end up making the mobile smell less than pleasant. For situations like this, septic tank deodorizer is a silent, but pleasant miracle.

Solo Stove Portable Bonfire

On the chance that your pal likes to wander deep into the unknown parts of the woods where they don’t want to use up excessive electricity, a portable fire is just the thing they need for cooking purposes and warmth. There may be circumstances where its wet or raining, and difficult to find dry firewood; available in various sizes, the Solo Stove Portable Bonfire is a great tool for any family who loves to camp!

Producing far less smoke than an actual campfire, the Solo Stove does use wood for fuel. However, the heat-producing mechanism allows more oxygen to flow through the stove creating an easier startup.

Portable Battery Pack

What a time to be alive when you can charge your charger! Having access to electronics has become an undeniable necessity rooted into our lives. This is especially true when travelling if you plan to use GPS, make hotel reservations, and call ahead to see if certain campgrounds have spots available.

Portable battery packs come in various sizes, and the larger the better! This way, if a cell phone battery gets low and there aren’t any outlets available, no one has to worry!

Battery Operated Heated Blanket, and Batteries!

Those who love to travel carry a lot of battery powered equipment with them such as flashlights, radios, and walkie talkies, just to name a few. On a particularly cold night though, a regular blanket just might not be enough, and like the battery pack electric blankets are always a good item to have on hand.

If for some reason your friend gets caught out in the cold without a fire or dry clothing, they can at least gain some warmth from the blanket!

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