7 Advanced Mobile Tech Trends Make it Easy to Work Remotely

November 18, 2020

7 Advanced Mobile Tech Trends Make it Easy to Work Remotely

The mobile work trend has been steadily growing since 2013 and it's only going to continue to increase from here.


Remote working was once a taboo option here in the United States. Although many businesses outsourced to other countries, most hired for in-house positions.


COVID-19 changed the game for many employees and employers. Making it possible to work from anywhere that has a decent wifi connection.


And that's not all. Several other tech advancements are helping the mobile work day, too.


Here are some ways to help streamline your work day making it easier to work from practically anywhere in the world. Whether at home, another state, a different country or in a traveling RV.


Wearable tech gear

Wearable devices synced to your phone and computer keep you up-to-date and connected without having your phone or computer at your fingertips. GoogleWatch is one example of wearable tech gear out on the market. You can take phone calls and check emails without sitting in one spot. In fact, you can even work while hiking, fishing, camping or playing a sport!


Mobile devices synced with your home 

We have the technology to connect our home to our mobile devices. Some of these high tech products include Piper, Nest, Wink, Belkin and Schlage. Like something out of the old cartoon show, The Jetsons, controlling temperature, turning off lights, locking doors, viewing security cameras and even ensuring appliances are turned off and our plants are watered is possible from wherever you are. This has given many people peace of mind when working from on the road or taking vacations far from their fixed home. 


Third party payment apps

At the end of the work week, many of us received a check in hand with our earnings. While direct deposit has existed for over a decade, third party payment apps have boosted the ability to be paid anytime, from anywhere. Some of these payment apps include GooglePay, PayPal and Venmo. Most require a bank account connected to them. But you won't even have to step into another bank or go to an ATM, unless you want to get out cash.


Group professional apps

If you can't meet with your team in person, you can always use one of the group professional apps out there. Apps such as Slack, Flock and Quip allow employers and employees to create "work boards" with tasks, completed projects and ideas all in one centralized space in real time. Documents and boards can be archived but they remain active for the whole team to view. When a member of the team posts, you'll receive a notification immediately.


Video conference calls

Video conference calls are another way to meet and chat with your team when you are mobile. Apps such as Zoom and Skype make it simple to talk while seeing each other. Many video conference call apps include helpful features like link sharing and screen sharing too.


Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence device bots such as Siri and Alexa have made it easy to use our voices to get information like the weather, notifications, news, calendar reports and search engine browsing. They have become our own personal virtual assistants. Better yet, you can even use them while driving without having to pull over to get the info needed.


Biometrics security 

Voice recognition, fingerprint recognition and face recognition are new advancements in biometrics security. You can feel more secure in your business relations using your personal mobile devices than ever before. The chances of piracy and hacking important and classified information has been reduced greatly. And if the unfortunate situation ever happens where you lose a mobile device, you can feel less worry of someone finding it and accessing its contents.


Cloud services 

Storing important documents, graphics, images and videos in one location with permissions to share with others makes it easy to work remotely. Plus, if anything were to ever happen to one of your devices, you won't lose all of your valuable work. It will be stored virtually. Allowing you to access it from a new device anywhere you are.


A choice for some and a necessity for others, the growing mobile work trend is hotter than ever. The rise in mobile apps and mobile technology gives you the opportunity to hit the road as you work whenever and wherever you are!