7 Helpful Tips to make your RV Feel like Home

October 29, 2020

7 Helpful Tips to make your RV Feel like Home

7 Helpful Tips to Make Your RV Feel Like Home


Turning your RV into a home-on-wheels will make the journey better. Whether it's a long excursion or a short trip, here are 7 helpful tips to make your RV feel like home.


Tip #1 Invest in Ultra Comfy Bedding


Nothing says "home sweet home" quite like a cozy bed to curl up into. Chances are you'll be spending boat loads of time doing fun outdoor activities. You're going to need a good night's rest and plenty of naps in between driving. Invest in a memory foam topper, plush pillows, 800+ Egyptian cotton sheets and a breathable or insulated blanket depending on the temperatures outside.


Tip #2 Curtains, Curtains, Curtains!


Curtains are incredibly underrated! Even in our fixed homes. Curtains can make your RV go from dumpy to lovely with pops of color and the right fabric choices. Even if your RV has tinted windows already, curtains provide extra sun coverage, added insulation and a warm, homely environment inside your traveling sanctuary.


Tip #3 Artwork Makes a Difference


No need to go overboard with artwork, but 1 or 2 hand-picked treasures can really make a difference inside of your RV. Artwork gives your mobile home a personal touch. A carved wooden sculpture, an abstract print, even a framed photograph of you and your family brings those home vibes into your vehicle.


Tip #4 Mood Lighting for Ambiance


You can truly recreate an environment with the right lighting. Go from the natural daylight outside to a more subdued ambiance at night by adding mood lighting. Try multicolored LED lights, string christmas lights, a portable lamp with shade or even wax candles. (If using candles, practice fire safety!)


Tip #5 Indoor Plants Bring Nature Inside


Believe it or not, some indoor plants can survive beautifully inside of a traveling home! Although nature surrounds you already, bring it inside of your RV for your trip. Try air-purifying indoor plants. They will cleanse the air inside. They work especially well in smaller spaces. Hardy plants like cacti and succulents can survive the changing conditions too. Do your research to find out which indoor plants can accompany you on your RV adventure.


Tip #6 Scrapbooking Your Adventure in Real Time


Break out the old-school, crafty fun along your journey. Take polaroids instead of using your phone or digital camera, handwrite the day's adventure and add natural clippings to a scrapbook. Create your own on-the-road scrapbook as it happens for a keepsake to smile about after your journey comes to an end.


Tip #7 Area Rugs for Your RV Bedroom


We rarely pay attention to the floors of our vehicles. But in an RV, our floors are essential! Full rugs and carpeting are a no-go in RV homes because we can easily track in debris, dirt and grime as we come in and out frequently. However, in your RV bedroom, a small area rug is a tasteful addition to your home-on-wheels. Color coordinate it with your curtains for a cozier at-home appearance. A small area rug placed at the base of your bed or at the entrance of your bedroom prevents tracking messes into your sleep space too!


Take these 7 helpful tips into your next RV trip for a feeling of home away from home. Warning: you might never want to come back!