A True American Experience: RV Camper Travel

May 21, 2019

A True American Experience: RV Camper Travel

RV travel is at an all-time high. Loved by families across the US, it is one of the preferred modes of travel and vacation in this country. RV travel is an opportunity to learn about the countries history while witnessing history being made between you and your family. The memories are unforgettable. Waking up in treasured locations, telling stories around a campfire, afternoon dips in a lake, photographing vintage road signs, catching your next meal and teaching your children the law of the land, you build a legacy while enjoying the beauty of the nation.

It is fun, safe and it gives you a taste of the freedom this country offers. You feel at home wherever you go. You don’t have to rough it anymore to have a camping experience either. RV campers make it possible to truly feel at home with RV campers that have all the amenities and accoutrements of staying in one luxurious location.


Advancements in RV Campers

There have been serious advancements made in RV campers that will provide you with all the luxuries of a hotel or home. Many of the basic essentials such as comfortable beds, dining areas and running water for showering and bathroom use come ready in your new camper. While proper maintenance and regular tune-ups are required, they serve as more than suitable conditions for you and your family to feel comfortable while traveling. Even greater advancements to RV campers include air conditioning, flat-screen televisions, motion satellite systems and high speed Internet access, just to name a few. The world’s most expensive RV is worth a whopping $3 million. It is a technically a mansion-on-wheels.

Types of RV Campers

There are two categories for RV Campers. Motorized or towable RV campers. Motorized are permanently attached whereas towable RV campers are hitched to your ride. The motorized whales seen on the road typically can be as large as 45 feet. Their sizes and shapes vary. There are some even as small as 16 feet. Towable RV campers are hitched behind the vehicle and can be disconnected. If you want to hit back roads and very remote locations, truck campers can be placed onto the bed of a pickup truck. Travel Trailers have a wide array of floor plans. However, 5th Wheel Travel Trailers seem to be the prime choice among full-time travelers. They extend over the bed of a vehicle. Their bi-level design offers a lot more space and versatility in livable quarters.

Booming RV Industry

Aside from rest stops designed for truckers such as Loves, Pilots and Flying JJ’s, there are over 16,000 campgrounds, 29,000 campsites in 156 national forests and 367 national parks nationwide. This makes travel by RV easy and convenient. Some campgrounds are designed specifically for RV campers with clean and level sites, pull-thru and back-in spots, full hookups with 30- or 50-amp service, patio sites and even laundry facilities! It is important to mention, that following the tragic attacks on 9/11, there was a deeper need for people to take to the road or at least, to have a back-up plan in place. However, these camping destinations were established even before this event occurred in the US.

America makes it possible for nearly anyone to travel by RV. From motorcycles and muscle cars to the Grateful Dead and the Grand Canyon, RV travel may very well be the true American experience. In this thriving market, it is possible to still give your family a beautiful home in the ride of their life by vacationing in an RV camper.


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