Alternative Uses for Your RV Camper

May 07, 2019

Alternative Uses for Your RV Camper

Investing in an RV camper is a wonderful idea for anyone interested in taking camping trips and vacations on the road. If you want the most bang for your buck when your camper is not being used for personal travel, there are alternative uses that will bring in some extra money and benefit you and your family.

Airbnb (Bed and Breakfast) Rental Accomodations

One of the best trips I have ever experienced was staying in an RV in Southern California. I found the spot on a website called Airbnb Rental. It is an online platform for rental accomodations. Homeowners rent out their homes, apartments, condos and yes, their RV campers as hotels for travelers and visitors. The RV in Southern California was no longer mobile. It was parked on a plot of land surrounded by the desert and the mountains. They left a key for the RV in a lockbox and messaged the code to my phone. The RV came equipped with running water, a toilet, a shower, a refrigerator and electricity. It came stocked with septic safe toilet tissue, shampoo, soap and other toiletries. It was just as nice as staying in a hotel, only it was a better experience because it was in the outdoors. This is possible with your RV camper when it is not in use. If you have enough property or you purchase a plot of land in another location, you can park your RV camper and hook it up for visitors to stay in to make a profit from.

RV Rental

Aside from renting from one location, you can also rent your RV camper to other people interested in traveling by RV. Whether it is free-of-charge for family and friends or to strangers at a cost, it is possible to benefit others love for the road with your RV investment. Websites such as Outdoorsy and RVShare provide RV camper owners with a platform to rent out their RV. You can set your price per night. Be sure to have the proper amenities in your RV to keep everything in tiptop shape. Add a refundable damage deposit and insurance policy to your rates. Set your rate for generator usage and mileage amount. The cost of family vacation by flight and hotel would cost most travelers more than an RV rental depending on their trip.

Guest House

If you invest in an RV, you are going to need the space for it. Chances are you have it parked in a driveway or on your property. When it isn’t in use, convert it into a guest house for family, friends and visitors. Many RV campers have the same amenities as a guest house would. Using your RV camper as a guest house is especially beneficial when you have a big family gathering or social events. It is much more accommodating than asking your guests to sleep in tents or requiring them to buy a hotel room for the night.

Home Office

In need of a separate space to accomplish work or other interests? It would cost more to rent a space month-to-month or to buy a new home with an extra room than to invest in an RV camper as a home office. You will have the privacy and the space to accomplish what you need to with your home only a short walk away. It is a good alternative for anyone looking to expand their business but are still deciding on best location.

Don’t worry if you don’t plan to take your RV camper on another trip for awhile. It will not go to waste if you try these alternative uses for it. Your home-on-wheels can benefit your life in more ways than one!


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