Best Activities for an RV Camping Vacation

April 22, 2019

Best Activities for an RV Camping Vacation

I overheard a family talking about taking a trip across country in an RV for vacation. The children seemed rather disgruntled. Mainly because they were concerned about how they would entertain themselves with no video games, computers or television. There are numerous ways we can entertain ourselves when living at home. However, when traveling in an RV for a camping vacation, it takes a little imagination and stepping outside of our routine to enjoy the best activities for an unforgettable trip the whole family will love.

Canoeing, Kayaking or Boating

A top choice for those camping near a lake or body of water. Some campgrounds will provide campers with the equipment or you can rent equipment before your journey begins. Kayaks allow for each person to go out onto the water individually. Canoeing requires 2 or more people to work as a team to get the boat moving together. It’s always nice to swim, but it’s even better when you can glide across the water in a boat.


Hiking and Nature Walks

Exploring the area where you plan to park your RV or camp for the night is one of the most rewarding activities for an RV camping trip. Oftentimes, the landscape and sites are breathtaking and different from what you typically see on a regular basis. To add extra fun to the hike, identify plants, trees and flowers along your route. You can even go hunting for minerals, rocks and interesting finds on the terrain to bring back with you. Look for wildlife and bring a pair of binoculars for bird watching. Don’t forget to wear a coat of sunscreen, pack plenty of water and have biodegradable toilet tissue with you!


Journaling or Sketching

Bring a notepad or sketchpad with you to reflect on your surroundings or to draw the beautiful landscape. This is a very peaceful activity. This encapsulates the memory differently than a mental snapshot or photograph would. Capture the moment in a poem, painting or drawing. Write down what you are observing, how it makes you feel and any other aspects of the moment that will inspire you down the road.


Collecting firewood and building the fire is the start. Next, cook a meal on the fire and share it around the campfire. As the sun goes down, tell stories and sing songs. You can sing a song everyone knows the words to and they can join in on it. Both real or fictional stories are fun to listen to. You can even play games. A fun game to play around the campfire is when one person says two lines of a made-up story, the next person adds to more lines and so on. You create a story together. On small pieces of paper, write down things you want to “let go of” once the trip is over. Some examples are, angry at your boss, jealousy towards a friend, being tired all of the time, worrying about money, then toss them into the fire.


Historical Sites

Many places traveled will have a rich history about them. Do research prior to your trip to find out where you are going and the history behind it. Did a Native American tribe live on this land centuries ago? Did soldiers from the Revolutionary War venture through these woods or a nearby town? Not all RV camping trip activities have to be outdoors either. You can explore museums and other historic sites for an fun and educational trip before settling down to camp for the night.

These RV camping trip activities are just the tip of the iceberg. They are the best activities to get you started on having a fun time with your family on an RV camping vacation. You will find camping trips bring out the best in our imaginations. Make sure you have the proper RV camping essentials with you to alleviate any snags on the trip. Once you have your bases covered, the fun-filled activities will be a whole lot more enjoyable! Be smart, be safe and have a wonderful trip!


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