5 Best Luxury RV Resorts in the United States

September 25, 2018

5 Best Luxury RV Resorts in the United States

Having a good time on the road doesn’t mean you can’t have all the luxury of a nice hotel! Grab your camping gear, leash up your dog, hop in your RV and head on out to one of these amazing RV resorts.

1. Normandy Farms Family Camping Resort

Located in the wilderness of Boston and Cape Cod, the Normandy Farms RV Resort is filled with plenty of fun and light physical activity. You can have a relaxing day playing disc golf, shuffleboard, or check out the fitness and yoga center. If you need something a little more challenging, try riding one of the bike paths or hang out with your pup at the dog park.

2. Zion River Resort

If you’re looking for a reason to travel to Utah, the Zion River Resort happens to be right next to the Zion National Park! Take a trip down the Virgin River, or hike through the mountain trails. For those who like to collect precious stones and metals, there is also a safe, exciting spot just for mining gemstones!

3. Bella Terra of Gulf Shores

Passing through Alabama? Stop by the Gulf Coast for a relaxing spa treatment at Bella Terra. Including a swimming pool, sauna and a jacuzzi, it’s the perfect summer vacation getaway. It’s also pet friendly and offers a few different fully fenced dog parks, so your buddy can have fun too! Don’t forget the lake, take your family fishing and enjoy the tropical scenery.


4. Solstice Motorcoach Resort

Ride down to Mesquite, NV while you’re heading to (or from) Las Vegas! With a beautiful mountain view only 80 miles distance from the city, you can experience the best of both worlds. Play putt putt with your kids or break a sweat in the fitness facilities, just don’t forget to take advantage of the natural beauty.


5. BlueWater Key RV Resort

Everyone wants to go to Florida whether it be for the blue waters and sandy beaches, or a fun family trip to Disney World. What better way to travel out to places like Key West than in your RV? BlueWater Key RV Resort is unique, the waterfront decks offer an experience that you only see in the movies.


By coming here, you’ll also be contributing to the welfare of the environment because this resort is operated by a non-profit company. All the money generated from sales is put back into the land.


Luxury RV Resorts are Just Part of the Fun

Now no matter where you’re travelling to, you can stop off somewhere nice and stretch your legs. RV life can be so much more than roughing it and roasting weenies in a campfire; take time to visit a resort and you can have a whole bar and grill experience too!



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