Best RV Travel Destinations Southwest

June 12, 2019

Best RV Travel Destinations Southwest

You are ready to take that road trip you’ve always dreamed of! It is such an exciting feeling knowing you have a safe, comfortable and reliable RV to drive to remarkable destinations. Before heading out on your adventure, be sure to have the proper gear for your RV and all the basic necessities to ensure a worry-free journey. Plan your itinerary for the best spots for camping, sight-seeing and RV camper fun for the family! The southwest has some of the most stunning and incredible places for RV travelers. Know the best RV travel destinations for this area of the country.


The Mother Road

U.S. Route 66 also referred to as “The Mother Road,” spanned from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, California when it was first built. This historic highway is one of the most famous roads in the United States aligned with vintage signage, retro cafes, antique stores, trading posts and a medley of other memorable spots for photo opportunities and for a nostalgic trip into the past. Although there have been many alterations to the highway since its popularity in the 1930s during the Dust Bowl, segments of the highway remain intact. It is worth traveling this scenic highway to get a taste of the old southwest. There is no cost to travel on Route 66.

Petrified Forest National Park & The Painted Desert

This breathtaking national park in northeastern Arizona is a hot spot for hiking, photography and a scenic drive in the southwest. It is on the border of the Apache and Navajo Counties. First established as a national park in 1962, the incredible fossils, petroglyphs, petrified wood and other archaeological finds made this area a huge hit for decades. This incredible park is a wonderful day trip with its astonishing deposits of petrified wood and formations from the triassic period dating back 250 million years. The park isn’t for overnight camping but a short 20 minute drive will take you into the town of Holbrook where there is plenty of parking for your RV camper. There is a fee for the park. The pass into the park is valid for 7 days.

Joshua Tree National Park & Mojave National Preserve

This national park is located in southeastern California. The national park is abundant with Joshua Trees native to the Mojave desert. First established as a national park in 1994, the area welcomes overnight campers, RV homes, photographers, rock climbers, hikers and explorers. Aside from the joshua tree, which thrives in this areas climate, there is a vast array of indigenous animals and plant life such as the black-tailed jackrabbit and the teddy-bear cholla. There are 9 designated campgrounds within the park. There is a fee for the park and overnight camping.


Bisti Badlands & De-Na-Zin Wilderness

Established in 1984, this area is a vast wilderness located in San Juan County,  New Mexico. The rock formations are alien-like and other-worldly. Bisti was once a riverine delta. The uniquely shaped hoodoos and igneous protrusions were formed by water erosion and sediment deposits 70 million years ago. The magnificent colors of brown, black, red, purple and gray sand are one of the notable features of the wilderness. This area is exceptional for photography, hiking and exploration. You will not find designated campgrounds here. However, this area is the perfect secluded and remote spot for a peaceful overnight RV adventure. There is no cost to camp.

There are many places to explore with your RV in the southwest. These spots are some of the most beautiful and natural destinations that will help you remember why you made the decision to head out west. The road trip in your RV camper was worth it!  Always be prepared while camping and don’t forget to have the time of your life!


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