Best Summer Camping Games

September 11, 2018

Best Summer Camping Games

When you think of camping, things like fishing, hiking, and other outdoor activities. However, once you’ve done all those things, what else is there to do? Well, there are plenty of other games and activities that allow the whole family to participate! You might even recognize a few from playing them in your backyard.

Bocce Ball

Great for even the youngest of kids and oldest of adults, bocce ball is a fairly simple game. Played with two teams, you can choose up to eight members to help you win the match. Most of the balls are colored, however there’s one white ball called the “jack.” Flip a coin or find another creative way to determine who gets to throw the jack. Once the white ball has been thrown, each team takes turns throwing their balls to see who can get the closest. The first team to reach twelve points is the winner!


One of the most popular game you’ll ever find at parties and events is Jenga. It comes in a pack of fifty-four rectangular blocks, which are stacked in layers of three. Each layer faces the opposite direction of the one below it to provide support as players pull one block out on each turn. Once the person pulls their block, they have to place it on the top of the tower. Eventually, you’ll get a very wobbly, uneven tower; whoever knocks it over is the loser!



You’ve probably heard of charades or played it once or twice in your life. It’s the one game that doesn’t require much more than a timer and a few ideas to act out. Get your players together and have them write down several situations to act out on separate pieces of paper, whether it be a book, a movie, and so on. Place all the slips of paper in a hat or a cup, then each team will take turns drawing a slip. The “actor’s” team has sixty seconds to figure out what they’re acting out, and the actor is not allowed to speak! You can determine what each guess will be worth in points, whoever guesses right the most times wins.


Two Truths and a Lie

This is a fairly simple game that requires no other tools or materials other than a minimum of two people. Each person thinks of two true things about themselves, and a lie; then one person at a time, the guesser will attempt to determine which of the three statements is a lie. It’s super easy, and if you’ve been hiking all day long this is a great family game before it’s time to hit the sleeping bag.

Bring a Pack of Cards with You

A deck of cards will definitely provide you with hundreds of games and activities to play. Go Fish, Speed, Texas Hold Em, Black Jack, War, and many other games are available with a traditional deck. Other games such as Uno, along with collectible battle games such as Pokemon and Yugiyoh.