Best Winter RV Destinations

October 22, 2020

Best Winter RV Destinations

Best Winter RV Destinations


As much as we love snowy mountains and icy lakes, most of us want to head to warmer destinations during the cold winter season. Here are some of the best places to visit in a RV in winter:


Tucson and Scottsdale, Arizona


In the summertime, record high temperatures of 100 to 115 degrees in these hot spot locations in Arizona. During the winter, temperatures can get a bit cooler at night but rarely drop below 50 degrees. Daytime temperatures are between 66 to 72 degrees. Hiking, antiquing, nature photography and rock hounding are some of the activities you'll find rewarding in this southwestern state. There is so much desert land and RV campgrounds in Arizona, it won't be difficult to find a spot to park your ride for the season.


Key West, Fiesta Key and Clearwater, Florida


Florida is known for being notoriously hot throughout the year. These tropical areas will have stretches of sand on beaches for you to relax and revive during the winter months. Even the water temperatures stay at about 75 degrees! If you like laying out on a beach and drinking pina coladas, grab your swimsuit and head down to the sunny state for your winter RV vacation.


Austin, Texas


An unexpected warm spot for winter, Austin is known for its bustling music scene and thriving art community. You won't find yourself needing extra layers during the winter months in this hot spot. From music venues and rowdy bars to art museums and hiking trails, there are plenty of local attractions to keep you busy here. Temperatures range from about 65 to 72 degrees from November to February.


White Sands, New Mexico


The most northern parts of New Mexico border Colorado, definitely not the place to be if you want to stay warm in winter. However, White Sands, New Mexico borders Arizona for a southwestern taste of the U.S. with spacious terrain for you to camp or park your RV mobile home. White Sands is a National Park with an endless blanket of glistening white sand. In general, New Mexico is practically untouched in appreciation of the pueblos and other native tribes that reside there. You will see tons of native art, retro signage and beautiful landscapes if you decide to park your RV in White Sands and take a trip to Las Cruces for the day.


Twentynine Palms, San Diego and Santa Barbara, California


The water may be a bit too cold for swimming, but the warm air and sunny beaches will be right at your fingertips. California is a huge state. But it's more southern points keep an average temp of approximately 63 to 72 degrees during the winter. The nights tend to get a bit colder, dropping to about 40 degrees. But that's nothing a heavy blanket can't fix, especially compared to the 15 degrees and below of many U.S. states in winter! Similar to Austin, TX, these areas feature less rustic vibes and more attractions outside of your RV.


Snow, sleet, cold - who wants that unless we plan on being inside a warm and cozy hotel on vacation? While many RVs come equipped with heating systems and natural heat from a campfire can always be a rewarding experience - try getting out of the cold this winter and head to one of these 8 warm destinations for your next RV vacation.