Camping Hacks From Start to Finish

February 09, 2019

Camping Hacks From Start to Finish

The great outdoors is no place to lose your head. In fact, it's a great place to clear your mind, relax and enjoy all the wonders of the wilderness. Now you could drive to the middle of nowhere and start walking aimlessly into the deep unknown but it may be better to prepare a little beforehand to make sure you have a great time on your camping excursion. Whether you are a seasoned camper or just a beginner, there are a few camping hacks that will make the trip a smooth and fun-filled adventure!

Camping hacks for every camper:


Hand Sanitizer is a multi-purpose solution. Pour it into your fire to get the flames roaring then dab a few drops on your hands afterwards to clean up any remnants of soil or ash. Lint, like the stuff found in your dryer, also works. Want to keep the fire burning even longer? You can soak round cosmetic pads in wax and allow them to dry before your trip. Place these in your fire to get it started or to keep it going.

Preserving Cookware

Cookware can easily rust while being used outdoors. You know those little silica gel packs you find in packaging like beef jerky and shoe boxes? Save them! Add them to your cookware to prevent rusting.

Night Lights

Be sure to pack a water bottle and a head lamp with you. Besides already being useful tools to take with you on your journey, if you strap the headlamp to the water bottle at night it transforms into a lantern for your tent or campsite.

Outdoor Bathrooms

Going to the bathroom outdoors isn't the most glamourous, but it's a natural part of life. Let's make it as easy as possible. Be sure to urinate or defecate several feet away from your campsite. Dig a hole. Release into the hole. When you are finished, bury your waste. But what about wiping? Biodegradable, fast dissolve toilet paper is the most useful and efficient way to wipe outdoors. Your campsite should be left just the same as when you arrived there, protect yourself and protect your planet.

Keeping Things Dry

Line your bag and backpack with a heavy-duty garbage bag. Also, keep your clothes in your sleeping bag during the day and at night. The sleeping bag will prevent moisture from coming in and the dry clothes will also help to absorb some of the moisture. This keeps you and your clothing dry. A big must-have is dry clothing, especially socks, when camping outdoors.

Stay Warm at Night

Remember that water bottle from before? Fill it with warm water at night. Place it in your sleeping bag with you. It will keep you warm throughout the night.

Keep a Snack in Your Car

After a few days of camping, it's time to go home. You get into your car and find one of the goodies you packed in a small cooler for just this moment. Trust us, after roughing it in the great outdoors, it's nice to have a little reward and a little energy boost for your ride home.

Camping can be a breeze but it's even better with some know-how before heading out. These hacks are a surefire way (pun intended!) to have a great time from start to finish in the great outdoors.

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