Common Mistakes Made When Traveling by RV 

August 13, 2019

Common Mistakes Made When Traveling by RV 

Owning an RV camper is similar to owning a home. It is best to know upkeep, maintenance and how it works. Know these common mistakes when traveling by RV to prevent them from happening to you on your RV adventure. 

Unplug and disconnect 

When leaving a campsite or campgrounds, make sure to unplug any cords or hoses attached to your RV. You don’t want to drag it down the highway with you. 

Roll up the awning 

Awnings are great for shade. Be sure to roll up your RV awning in storms or when there are high winds. Bad weather could potentially wreak havoc on your RV awning. 


Level the RV

Not all campgrounds and campsites are created equal. In fact, having level ground when parking your RV is a rarity. Every RV is different but the process is similar. Learn how to level your RV. You don’t want to use the bathroom or sleep on an angle. 


Prevent cramping and clutter by not overpacking. There isn’t enough room in the RV to bring every little thing. Bring the basic necessities but remember, you can always restock on supplies along the way. 


Dispose of your trash properly especially when at RV campgrounds. Never leave trash and waste behind. When comes to your septic tank and toilet usage, prepare properly by using septic tank safe toilet tissue and bathroom deodorizers.

Defrost the Icebox 

Simply remove any food, shut off the refrigerator and allow the ice to melt. Ice builds up in RV fridges especially in the freezer. You may find a big block of ice in the back that prevents ample space if you don’t take the time to defrost. You can even use a hairdryer to speed up the process. 

Know How to Drive the RV

RV campers don’t drive the same as your car. They require changes in speed during high winds, knowing how to turn around tight corners, switching lanes and fitting them into parking spots. Practice driving your RV and knowing how to use it before taking a long cross country trip. 

Don’t let these common RV mistakes happen to you during your travels! They are easily avoidable once you know what to look for and how to prevent them from happening. Happy travels! 


Storage Bins

Keep your belongings moisture resistant and dustproof in transparent storage bins. They are stackable and safe for your belongings. Plus, they keep things organized and tidy when living in a small space. 

These valuable essentials will provide more space and more comfort on your RV adventures. You and your family can focus on the outdoor fun and the awesome sites you will visit instead of the humdrum upkeep of living in close quarters!


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