Creating a Comfortable RV Campsite 

October 16, 2019

Creating a Comfortable RV Campsite 

Now that we have our wonderful RV camper and picked our destination for where we would like to set up camp, we may need some help in making it as comfortable as possible. There are some simple steps to making your RV campsite feel just like home. 

Destination versus Campsite 

No matter the state, terrain or location we have decided on, we want to be sure it is in a safe and RV camp friendly place. There are campgrounds designed for RV campers. They typically have hookups and even bathrooms on site. Whether it is a campground or you are going off the beaten trail, take into consideration 3 important campsite ground rules. Be sure the campsite is level, plenty of shade and if you can swing it, lots of gravel to move in and out freely. If the campsite you choose has little shade, an RV camper awning is helpful. A pop-up awning will also serve this purpose. 


Lay down a camping rug 

Even in the home, area rugs give your living space a cozy feel. This is also true of the outdoors. Lay down a large rug designed for the outdoors. Aside from creating that homely appeal, most are water resistant for water and moisture to easily pass through into the ground beneath. Consider getting a mud and dirt rug for stepping to and from your RV camper without trekking in any debris from the outside. 


Sturdy folding tables 

You may find a campsite with stationary picnic tables already set up. This is ideal. However, it never hurts to have a few extra folding tables for eating, drinking and placing lanterns or citronella candles on. Not every camper has a dining table inside, it becomes a nuisance when you have to keep eating your meals on your lap for the duration of your trip. 


Comfortable folding chairs

It is possible to sit on your rug during your camping trip, but critters and insects may want to crawl on you if they smell food. Plus, it is nice to have a comfortable folding chair to lounge in while taking in the natural sights or enjoying a meal. Choose a folding chair with a cup holder or pockets for a little added luxury.


Biodegradable Toilet Paper

Some RV campers have bathrooms, while others do not. The campsite may have public bathrooms for you to use. In any case, biodegradable toilet paper dissolves easily when wet regardless of where you decide to do your business. Plus, they keep your septic tank safe and won’t clog the pipes in your RV camper. 


Lanterns and Lighting

Absolutely have 2 or 3 light sources with you when camping. Campgrounds and other locations can be extremely dark at night. Choose nonflammable lanterns. Solar paneled lanterns can be helpful if you don’t want to use electricity. Building a fire can be another light source. Many campsites already have fire pits. If you have to build your own fire pit,  be sure it is away from any low hanging branches or brush. Dig a deep hole in the ground and line the perimeter with large rocks. Some locations do not allow fires, so be sure to find out before you build one. 

Places to Cook

Some campsites have permanent outdoor grills. If not, a small portable grill will work. You can also cook directly over the fire. Some RV campers have kitchens which is also helpful. For that delicious outdoor taste, you will want to prepare with a portable, outdoor grill. 

Bug Spray and Candles 

Nothing is worse than getting to a campsite and being eaten up by bugs! Be sure to have bug spray with you and citronella candles that deter pests from entering your campsite. 

Making your RV campsite is easy with just a few basic camping essentials for it to feel like home sweet home. Whether it is an overnight trip or a long stay, you can make it an RV camping trip to remember! 


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