Environmentally Friendly Accessories for the Green Camper

August 27, 2019

Environmentally Friendly Accessories for the Green Camper

We may think it is challenging to vacation in an RV and stay green at the same time. The reason being, driving releases CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. It turns out whether you are running on gasoline or a safer alternative fuel, vacationing in an RV is actually greener when we consider the emissions from a flight or hotel stays. That being said, there are even more ways to keep it green on your trip across country with environmentally friendly camping accessories. 

Avoid Disposable Dishware 

We may be tempted to stock up on our plastic plates, bowls and flatware. You can lessen the amount of waste you produce by each person having their own durable set of dishware. One fork, spoon, knife, plate, bowl and cup for each person on the ride. 

Conserve Water

Some of us love to close our eyes and relax in the shower for a few minutes before washing. Skip this step and go straight to the washing. Make your showers shorter. When it comes to washing dishes, you may consider soaking them all in soapy water, then rinse in a separate bucket of clean water. This way the water isn’t constantly running as you wash and rinse your dishes. As far as drinking water is concerned, invest in a filter, a reusable bottle with a filter built in or boil water to kill germs. Too many plastic water bottles creates too much waste. 

Biodegradable Toilet Paper 

Keep your septic tank safe and your campgrounds clean by using biodegradable toilet paper. This toilet paper dissolves in water so it won’t clog up your pipes, septic tank and it can be buried outdoors without littering. 

Park in the Shade 

Keep your RV cooler without having to use power by parking in shaded areas. This will conserve on energy and keep you cool during the day. 

Holding Tank Deodorizers

Tank deodorizers keep things fresh and breakdown buildup by digesting the residue inside of the holding tank. Choose tank deodorizers and cleaners that don’t contain formaldehyde and use natural enzymes.


Change Your Bulbs

Switch to LED bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs. They are more energy efficient and last longer too! Incandescent bulbs let off more heat, so LED bulbs will keep things a tad cooler. Be sure your bulb bases are compatible for LED bulbs. If not it may just be as simple as switching out the bases for LED bulb bases. 

These environmentally friendly accessories will keep things a bit greener on your RV camper adventures! Plus, they help save you on cost in the long run. Investing in the environment now will help save for the future! 


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