Fun Activities Around the Campfire

July 30, 2019

Fun Activities Around the Campfire

Once the sunsets, the campfire is the source of light necessary to keep the campfun going into the evening hours. With electronic devices powered down and natural all around us, this is the perfect time to step outside of our comfort zone and try something new. But what sort of fun activities can we do around the campfire to get the most from our camping experience? 


Live Music 

An acoustic guitar, drum, tamborine or a harmonica can make magic around the campfire. Instruments that can be played without an amp are easily heard in nature especially if you are in a secluded area. You and your family members don’t need to be musicians to play either. Strumming a few chords on the guitar and keeping a steady beat on a drum is all you really need to get the party started. Feel free to have a sing-along if you don’t have any instruments available. The campfire practically dances to the sounds of the music. 

Make Wishes 

Similar to throwing a coin into a wishing well, fountain or body of water to make it come true, you can use fire. Have everyone write on a small piece of paper something they wish for. It can be something they want or need. Have each person individually throw their paper into the fire. They can watch as it slowly burns up and turns into smoke. The smoke releases the wish into the atmosphere. 



Aside from the necessity to eat, cooking is a fun activity with a nice reward at the end. Make it a group effort. You can also have each person with their own skewer or stick with a hot dog or marshmallow at the end for a quick meal or light snack. Be sure to show them how to rotate their food over the open flame to cook it evenly and to prevent it from burning. 

Scary Stories

A classic campfire activity, this is sure to give you chills especially in the dark wilderness. Not recommended for young children, unless you want them attached to you for the rest of the night. Scary stories around a campfire are powerful because the light from the fire creates unusual shapes and shadows around you. The fire plays tricks on your eyes and the silence of the night stimulates your imagination. It is a strong combination for a spooky tale. 


Play Games 

Truth and Lies is a fun game even with people you know. One person gives 2 truths and 1 lie. The other players have to guess which one is the lie. It is a great getting to know you better game and it is a great way to show off your poker face. 


Color Changing Flames

By adding fire colorant bags, the fire will put on a colorful and vibrant light show for you and you family. As fun as it is to watch the flames dance, it is even more thrilling when the flames are different colors. You can even toss a little table salt onto the flame for an exciting burst of fiery glow. 

We know it can be tricky to keep the fun going around a campfire. Becoming attached to our phone, computer, gaming system and tablet can make it difficult to enjoy the outdoors at night. These fun activities will entertain even the hardest critics to make the most of your camping experience!