Gift Ideas for RV Travelers

September 10, 2019

Gift Ideas for RV Travelers

People who love to travel especially in RV campers are a whole other level of explorer. Nomadic, resourceful and progressive, they enjoy seeing new sights, experiencing new places and hitting the open road for their next destination. There may no gift like the freedom of travel in an RV camper, but you can get them a gift that will make their trips safer and more comfortable. 

Portable Wash Bag 

Nothing puts a damper on a roadtrip like having to map for the nearest laundromat. A portable wash bag is a convenient solution to washing clothes without having to leave the RV. Just add  dirty clothes, soap, water, clip the bag closed and rub until clean. There are nodules on the inside that effectively scrub away dirt and grime, washing their clothes instantly. 

Dissolvable Toilet Tissue 

Not all toilet paper is created equal. Dissolvable toilet tissue is biodegradable and dissolves easily in water. It is environmentally-friendly and keeps their septic tank safe if they have a bathroom in their RV. If not, they can even use it outside without leaving any waste behind. 

Couch Coaster 

When RV campers are on the move, there can be some unforeseen bumps along the way. An RV couch coaster is made with flexible grips to attach to the arm of a couch, sofa or armchair. Their cup or mug will stay safe, secure and spill-free tucked inside of it. 

Bathroom Deodorizer

Where is that foul smell coming from?! The bathroom! Listen, it is only human. However, nothing can wreck a good time like a stinky bathroom or a septic tank meltdown. Venilitation isn’t always the best in an RV camper. They want to keep their septic tank in top notch condition. The best solution is a septic tank cleaner and deodorizer that will do the dirty work to keep those tank walls clean and the toilet smelling fresh.

RV Roll-up Mat 

They may not always be able to predict the terrain or the weather when parked in a new destination. Keeping the RV clean can be challenging when a lot of their time is spent outdoors in nature. An RV roll-up mat is waterproof, mildew resistant and mold resistant. Plus, it can easily be rolled up and packed away until they arrive at their next location. 

Extended Mirrors 

An RV camper is no sedan or SUV. There can be a few more blind spots when traveling with such a large vehicle. Extended mirrors come with mounts that can be securely fastened to their RV camper side mirrors. They are capable of giving the travelers in your life better vision when making turns, switching lanes and getting into tight spots. 


Chances are your RV traveler does not want much when taking their vacations across the country. In fact, this is why many people travel this way. Some like to unburden themselves of the wants of everyday life. This is why the perfect gifts for RV travelers will make their ride smoother, safer and more convenient. 


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