How To Find A Good RV Park

February 06, 2023

How To Find A Good RV Park

We want to give you a step-by-step breakdown of how to 7nd a good RV park. There are a couple of factors to consider when choosing the right one for you. This guide makes it simple and easy to 7nd the best spot to park your ride. 

Is the park open?

You are about to head out on an RV road trip. Excited and ready to take in the outdoors, you start searching the internet for RV parks you can camp out for a few nights or as your Gnal destination. You show up and much to your disappointment, the RV campgrounds are closed! This isn’t uncommon. There are a lot of RV parks promoted online. Many of which are no longer functional. Some have even been sold and built over as apartment complexes or fast food chains. Make sure your RV park is open before you choose to travel to it. Not every park has a direct line to call, a park ranger or customer support. If they do, get in touch. Pay attention to RV park listing dates. Articles from 10 years ago or even 6 years ago may no longer be active. Explore reviews. If you do pull up to an RV park that is closed, remember that you have an RV – so you’ll be alright for a night or two. Just Gnd the nearest place with a parking lot to accommodate you for a short period of time as you boondock, truck stops and even 24 hour Walmarts will work. 

Can the park accommodate your RV?

The size of your RV and the requirements for your RV are crucial when choosing a good RV park. You want to know the amp hookup for your RV and how much power the campsite provides. Not every campground provides the same hookups. If you need to access the internet with very few interruptions and you plan to camp out in a remote area with less than desirable service, you’ll also want to Gnd out if they provide this amenity as well. Find out their rules on pets and children. Again, not every campground is suitable for children. Not every campground allows pets, some even charge extra per night with pets. 

Does the park cost money? 

Many RV parks have a nightly, weekly or monthly fee. There are RV parks that will allow you to park on the campgrounds but without hookups. National parks prices range from approximately $25 and more per night. However, national parks and other RV parks across the country offer discounts as much as 50% per night with yearly passes. 

Does the park offer extra amenities?

We already went over power connections and WiFi, but be sure to consider other amenities you might be interested in having for your stay. Outhouses, on-site laundry, grills, Grepits, lakes – even special features like horseback riding, hiking and canoeing. Not everyone has the same idea of camping, make sure you know what you want for your RV park stay. 

How long do you plan to stay?

Plan the length of time you want to stay at the RV park. You’ll want to know the RV parks rules on length of stay. Some RV parks do routine maintenance. Other RV parks have reserved spaces for a speciGc season. Not everyone takes RV trips for a week or two either. If you decide you want to make your RV park stay for 6 months to 1 year or more, your best bet is a RV park that can receive mail. P.O boxes can get pricey, so consider your duration of stay. Another important factor is changes in weather, if you plan to stay for more than a season. If it gets too hot or too cold there, you don’t want to be without the proper power connection, insulation and gear.

Where is the RV park located?

We mentioned location when changes of weather occur, but it is also important to note the location for a variety of reasons. Aside from the ability of your RV to withstand fluctuations in temperatures, consider how close the nearest town is? Even if there is no town nearby, is there a convenience store on-site or close to the RV park? Have you stocked up on essentials? Factor in basic necessities, fueling up and heading out to explore the scenic and recreational activities in the area.

Choosing a good RV park is essential when planning your next RV road trip. It isn’t rocket science but it will make the trip smoother if you are prepared and plan ahead!