Improving Comfort for Camping

March 21, 2019

Improving Comfort for Camping

Some of us have considered the possibility of permanently living on the road in an RV or in a camper. The idea is both exciting and a little scary! One thing that crosses our minds is having the comfort and stability of living in a home in one location. There are ways to bring the comforts and the luxuries of residential living into an RV lifestyle. If you’re planning a camping trip, these methods will also benefit the level of comfort on your camping excursion



Probably the most frequent concern when camping are the sleeping arrangements. We all want to have a good night’s rest and being away from our comfy beds can be worrisome. If camping outdoors in a tent, invest in an inflatable mattress. They prevent you from sleeping on the hard ground and most can be inflated without an air pump. When deflated, they are compact and can fit nicely into a backpack.

Sleeping Bags

Types of sleeping bags are also an important item to consider. Invest in a well-insulated and waterproof sleeping bag with a hood and zippers. Yes, they may be a little bit more costly, but they are worth it. Some of the most comfortable sleeping bags have down feathers on the outside and are upholstered with fleece on the inside.

Keeping Cool or Keeping Warm

For keeping cool, strip down as far as the situation allows for. If you are somewhere sunny, be sure to wear plenty of sunscreen and a lightweight hat to protect your skin. You can apply a cool wet towel around your neck and forehead. Your body is a natural air conditioner. When you sweat, it is your bodies way of cooling down. If you keep wiping sweat off it actually prevents your body from cooling down as quickly as it could. So put those sweat rags away!

For keeping warm, layering on warm clothing is the first step. Be sure all of your extremities are covered such as the top of your head, your feet and your hands. These release boat loads of heat when not covered but work as natural insulators when they are. Building a fire or having a heat source is next. If you are unable to have a heat source, it’s good to prepare ahead of time by insulating your RV and camper windows with duct tape and foam to prevent any cool drafts from floating in.

A little known secret in the military are mylar blankets. They are survival gear for unpredictable weather. Mylar is a material that can be used to either warm or to cool. One side of the blanket works as an insulator to trap in heat for warmth. When flipped to the other side, it works to deflect heat to keep things cooled off. They can be placed over you or your tent when camping.


Another major concern for people camping is hygiene. Unless you are next to a water source or a travel center off of the highway, chances are you aren’t going to be showering for a while. Wet wipes and biodegradable toilet tissue are your new best friends. The wet wipes aren’t used for wiping after you do your business, that is what the biodegradable toilet paper is used for. The wet wipes are antibacterial and they can be used for wiping your hands, face and whatever other parts need freshening up. The toilet paper is necessary for wiping because it is safe to bury outdoors and is safe for your vehicles septic tank. Wet wipes will eventually clog it and they are not to be buried outside. However, they will keep you clean when there aren’t any showers around. This reduces the amount of waste and trash you have to carry with you when the time comes to dispose of it.

Now that you have a better idea of some of the ways to add comfort to your camping trip, you can feel confident on your next adventure. Put those woes to rest and give yourself a camping experience to remember!  


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