RV Travelers Best Pit Stop Destinations

January 07, 2021

RV Travelers Best Pit Stop Destinations

Best Pit Stop Destinations and Rest Areas without Campground Hopping

Experienced RV travelers know that sometimes you can't get to your destination in one day. Many campgrounds can be costly, and some are off the beaten path to your final destination.

Instead of planning your trip hopping from campground to campground, try these free places to park your ride for an overnight rest and to access much needed amenities before you hit the road the next day.


Flying Js and Loves  

Truck stops! Flying J's and Loves are all over the U.S. for truckers. But you can use them too. They are for fueling up, getting a bite to eat, and even feature other amenities like showers and lounge areas. Showers come at a small fee of about $12 per shower but are worth it if your RV doesn't have a bathroom. Plus, you can park your RV for free in their parking lot. Some truck stop locations separate the spots for RVs and big rigs too.


McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks

Besides grabbing your morning coffee as you cruise down the highway, most McDonalds, Dunkin Donut and Starbucks locations feature free WiFi available to anyone who needs it. If your mobile device is having a hard time picking up a signal, you can grab device service from one of these locations. Remember you have to be within range to be able to use the WiFI connection. Nearly every town across the U.S. has at least one of these chain restaurants.



No truck stops around? Some Walmart parking lots are available for RVers to park in for a night or two. Not every Walmart allows this but most 24-hour Walmarts do. You can grab extra supplies if needed too. It might not be your ideal pit stop but it certainly beats driving if you're tired.


Day Room Rentals

One main component of RV travel is to use your vehicle as a home on wheels. However, not all RVs come equipped with a shower or they may only come with a toilet. For those that need a good shower, check out the hotels and motels in the area to find one that offers day room and hourly room rentals. Some hotels have this option if the room isn't being rented until the evening. It is cheaper than renting it overnight and you can freshen up before you head off again.


24-Hour Diners

If you're heading to a remote destination a bit further away, you might want a hot meal as you get there. This is especially needed if you plan to cook most meals over an open fire. 24 hour diners are a great option for travelers. There are boat loads of them all throughout the United States. Stop off at one for a quick meal to recharge anytime, day or night.


Rest Stops 

Probably the most obvious resting point, rest stops can typically be found off of major highways. The good part is you can use the bathroom, have a quick nap or grab a snack from a vending machine. The downside is many rest stops don't allow travelers to park there overnight.


Whether it's your first time on the road or you are an experienced roadie traveling further than you normally do, keep these pit stop destinations in mind for a little R&R with a touch of that good ole American feel for your next trip.