Scary Destinations to Camp for Halloween

October 29, 2019

Scary Destinations to Camp for Halloween

Spending the night camping in the deep and dark woods is enough to give anyone the shivers, but can you imagine on Halloween night?  Instead of the same ole Halloween party or handing out candy to kids, you can hit the road and camp somewhere extra spooky for the holiday. There are scary destinations in practically every state across the US, you can decide if you want to take the risk and stay on the most haunted night of the year!

Pine Barrens, New Jersey

The pine barrens are a heavily forested area in New Jersey. The woods are believed to be haunted by a creature called the New Jersey Devil. He appears to have bat like wings, hooved feet and the face of a goat. He roams the forest letting out blood-curdling screams throughout the night. Anyone who comes in contact with the creature, won’t see the light of day the next morning. 


The Natchez Trace, Mississippi 

In this wooded area, there are scorched areas where no trees, plants or foliage grows. Legend says Hoplite Indians from Mexico settled here carrying the bones of their ancestors. As time went on, witches used the area for powerful rituals leading to the barren spots of land where the earth can no longer grow. 


Braley’s Pond, Virginia 

This a popular camping destination despite the series of murders that have occurred in the area. The grounds are said to be haunted by the spirits of the dead among other paranormal phenomenon that happens while staying there. Some visitors say they hear the eerie sounds of children and horses neighing with neither in sight. 


Lake Moreno, California 

Visitors and residents of the area have reported a ghostly woman in a white dress roaming the perimeter of the lake. Other people have said during the night, they can hear footsteps and whispers outside of their tents. When they look outside to take a look, nothing is there and the sounds vanish. 

Holy Ghost Campground, New Mexico

The site of this campground is believed to have the spirits of native pueblo people who were slaughtered by a priest in the late 17th century. People say there are ghostly apparitions of those murdered and their terrifying cries can still be heard. 


Hocking Hills, Ohio 

The remains of an old insane asylum are on the land in Athens, Ohio. The patients of the asylum were tortured, many of whom tragically died in the asylum. They are said to still haunt the area, roaming the nearby campgrounds of Hocking Hills. 

From phantoms and spooky whispers to strange occurrences and unsolved murders, there are boat loads of scary camping destinations to choose from this Halloween. If you are brave enough to venture to any of these spooky spots, don’t say we didn’t warn you! 


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