Simple Steps for a Stress Free RV Vacation

July 09, 2019

Simple Steps for a Stress Free RV Vacation

Having a completely stress free RV vacation can be no easy feat. Planning and preparation needs to be taken into consideration when hitting the road and traveling by vehicle. While there is work involved, it is still a vacation! These simple steps for a stress free RV vacation will leave the hard work at home before you head out for an adventure of a lifetime! 


Having a Reliable Vehicle 

If you are planning to travel by RV camper, you want to be sure your vehicle is in top notch condition. Nothing is more stressful than having to change a flat tire, fixing the septic tank going haywire or doing maintenance on your vehicle when you want to rest, relax and sightsee. Be sure you have a thorough oil change with all the necessary fluids. Have your tires checked out to make sure the air pressure is solid and the treads aren’t worn down. 

Clean out your septic tank and start your journey with a fresh tank by getting rid of the waste water. Maintain your tank with septic tank deodorizers and septic tank safe toilet tissue. Grab a fresh propane tank if your RV is equipped for propane usage. Generally, RV camper batteries can last up to 7 years when taken care of properly. You should never let your RV battery fall below 50% charge because this negatively impacts the life of the battery. If you haven’t paid much attention to your battery usage, it is best to replace your battery with a brand new one or be sure it is fully charged before starting your RV vacation. 

Plan Your Trip

It can be thrilling to just hit the open road and see where it takes you. However, this isn’t always the most convenient way to travel by RV camper. Plan your final destination with places to park your RV along the way such as RV campgrounds. Typically, RV campgrounds have partial or full hookups with electricity, water and sewer service. You want to map these locations out along the route to not waste valuable resources such as battery charge and propane. You don’t want to stress by having to travel 50 miles out of your way to find a comfortable place to park your RV overnight if you do not plan ahead. Have more than one map available to you. This means, if you use your GPS on your phone for directions, you may want to print out directions at home or have a road map with you. Even another electronic GPS may be unhelpful if you are in a remote area without service or satellite access. 

Multiple Drivers 

Don’t allow only one person to do all of the dirty work. Driving can be fun but if you are traveling for several hours a day, every day, it can become tiresome. The person behind the wheel may not be up for all the same activities as the rest of us from driving all day. If you are vacationing solo or no one else can drive, give yourself a break every 3 hours to relax. You don’t want to put yourself or others in danger from exhaustion. Even placing comfortable and ergonomic padding on your seat cushion will lessen the stress on your body seated in the same position for extended periods of time. 


Avoid Overpacking

Only pack the essentials. Know where you are going, the climate in the area and the activities you will be doing there. Having too many belongings packed into a RV camper with other people and their belongings will require daily tidying and daily organizing. This will cramp your ride and your style. It will take away from valuable time you could be using to enjoy your vacation. If you run out of something, like toothpaste or deodorant, do not pack extras, it is better to get it along the way. 

Leave Work at Home 

Avoid bringing your laptop with you. Even shut off your cellphone if you can. Bring it for emergencies only. There is no harm in immersing yourself in nature. There is nothing wrong with disconnecting from the humdrum of everyday life on vacation. Give yourself peace and quiet from the typical stressors of work. 


Make the Journey Fun 

Take in the surroundings, play music and create fun road games while traveling. If you see a gorgeous mountain range or a beautiful lake in the distance, feel free to park your RV. Take photographs and enjoy the scenery. If you planned ahead and these sites are along the way, it will only add to the enjoyment of the trip. Music will contribute to the experience in a positive way. Music keeps the mind active and the pleasure centers of the brain stimulated to help you stay alert and happy. Fun road games have a similar effect. You can interact with your friends and family even if you are the one behind the wheel. 

Preparation, planning and enjoying the experience are essential steps for the best RV vacation. They will ensure your RV camping vacation is fun, relaxing and stress free! 


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