Spending Quality Family Time Camping

February 06, 2019

Spending Quality Family Time Camping

We know sitting around the dinner table or the television can bring families together, but if we are busy stuffing our faces or texting each other - how can we really bond as a family?

Why not try camping to bring the family closer together!?

You may be thinking - how is sleeping outdoors going to bring us closer together? But you may be surprised!

Camping is more than just propping up tents and sleeping outdoors for a few days. Camping requires travel, quality time and imagination, the type of bonding you can't find from doing the humdrum activities in everyday life.

Scenic locations

Whether it is hiking to your destination in the deep woods or setting up camp next to a glistening lake, time spent outdoors as a family will be ingrained in your memories for years to come.

Outdoor Activities

The activities families can do outdoors while camping are vast. Hiking trails, foraging for herbs, fishing for food, relaxing around an open fire, canoeing for fun are just a few of the activities that are way more exciting to do as a team than solo.

Valuable skills

Camping isn't just fun for the family but it is educational too. Watch your children's eyes glow as they learn how to build their own fire, cook their own food over a flame and set up their own tents. These activities create a sense of teamwork that expands beyond the mundane tasks like chores or schoolwork.

Immersed in Nature

Nature calms even the most rambunctious or easily distracted person. The natural wildlife, scents and sounds of the outdoors, bring a sense of excitement combined with serenity and peacefulness to all of us in it - even if only for a short time.

Space and Clarity

When living in the same home, you and your family might feel like you're right on top of each other. When you are camping, the whole world becomes your home. You can learn to appreciate each other in a whole different setting and you can resolve any tensions that may have been experienced while living at home.


Buzz, buzz, buzz - is that the sound of your cell phone? Your computer? Your gaming system? Spending time outdoors gives the family a chance to put both their electronic devices and their minds to rest. Technology is great, but let's face it! It takes up a big chunk of our lives. Whether it is the constant contact to work-related problems, worldly issues, video games, social media or chit-chatting with other people, being outdoors will allow your family to unplug for a little while and provide a quiet escape from all the buzzing of daily life.

It is no surprise more and more families are taking to camping trips and RV adventures as weekend getaways or as family vacations. Not only do they teach valuable life skills and create fun-filled memories, they give families a chance to get back to the natural love, friendship and bonding that truly make a family a real team.

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