The Benefits of RV Camping and Lifestyle

February 19, 2019

The Benefits of RV Camping and Lifestyle

Beachfront property, mountain view property, lakeside property, ever consider what it would be like to have all 3? Traveling and living in an RV camper has its definite upsides. While it may be nice to have a home base, it might not always be the most beneficial. There are reasons to take life on the road and to feel comfortable while doing it.

Live Anywhere

When traveling in an RV, you can move to practically any drivable destination. The first week, you are among the trees in a dense forest. The second week, you are living beside the glistening ocean. The next week, you are smack dab in the middle of a bustling city. The following week, you are living in a sandy desert with a mountain range at your doorstep. The possibilities are limitless. Tired of your location? Move to the next. You can feel at home wherever you choose to roam.

Immersed in Nature

If living in an RV camper feels like a tight squeeze, you can make any place an extension of your home. Everyday can feel like camping. If you love the outdoors, this is huge plus! Bring a separate tent, hammock or nothing more than a pillow and blanket with you. Whenever you feel the need to be immersed in nature, you can easily step outside of your home-on-wheels to be among the landscape and wildlife.


There only a few things you need while RV living that in the grand scheme of things is far less costly than living in a permanent location. The major cost reduction in RV lifestyle is rent, mortgage or property taxes. If your vehicle is paid in full, all you need to spend on is cost of insurance and maintenance. The long-term money you will be saving from not paying for a permanent residence will leave you with plenty of spending money and the ability to save.  

Meeting New People

This world is a big place. It is beneficial to venture outside of your hometown and your comfort zone to see what this world has to offer. Meeting new people leads to new relationships, new friendships and new opportunities. All of which you may have never received while staying put in one place.

Environmental Impact

To save on space, you quickly live a more minimalist lifestyle. Unless you put your things into a storage unit or leave them at your Aunt Susie’s house, chances are you won’t be needing that extra set of dishware or another pair of gardening shears. Things like biodegradable RV toilet paper and a box full of wooden matches are more important and more useful than any of that other stuff. They are convenient, eliminate the clutter in your RV and reduce the environmental impact on the planet.

Time Well Spent

As you travel in your RV camper, you leave the mundane lifestyle of daily routines to find a open road laid out before you. Less time is spent on answering emails, texting on phones, playing video games and watching television. Problems that may have taken up a lot of head space  become trivial. You discover a new found appreciation for the different people, culture and landscape surrounding you each day. Everyday becomes a new adventure.

The RV camping lifestyle is an alternative route that more people are choosing to live. It takes giving up some luxuries to receive different ones. No matter if you take life permanently on the road or decide to travel for a period of time, don’t forget to bring the essentials with you and to be excited for the journey ahead!

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