Things to Remember When Traveling with Pets in an RV

April 30, 2019

Things to Remember When Traveling with Pets in an RV

Just like a family member, your pet is a significant part of your life. You wouldn’t dream of leaving your furry friend behind on your RV vacation. Whether it is a dog, cat, bird or even a horse, you can be sure they will enjoy their time just as much as you will. Animals love the great outdoors. However, you want to be sure you are giving your pet the proper care while traveling. Plus, you want to be sure you are respecting the rules of the road or better yet, the places you plan to visit.

Safety First

Be sure you have a health certificate and record of their shots. Sometimes, these records are required before entering an RV park or campground. Check ahead of time to be sure wherever you are headed allows animals first. Their size and breed may not be allowed. A harness for dogs or a carrier for cats is important to keep them secure and safe while driving. If you get into an accident, you don’t want them to get injured or harmed the way a person might. Don’t leave your animal unattended. If they are inside of your camper, be sure the temperature is comfortable. If they are outside of your camper, be sure they are leashed or tied to a post within eye range. You wouldn’t want another animal or even a human snatching or causing harm to them.

Hygiene and cleanliness

If there are designated areas to take your dog walking, be sure to keep your dog in those areas. Always pick up after your dog. If you don’t have a garbage can to discard of their excrements, you can wrap their feces in biodegradable toilet tissue and bury it. You can also use this toilet tissue to wipe off any remnants that may be stuck on their fur or paws. You wouldn’t want that smell in your camper! It is safe for the environment and for your RV septic tank.


Respect for Other Campers

Always keep them on a leash. You don’t want your dog running off into the road or into another campers space. A fellow campers space is their designated “private property” for the duration of their time at the park or campground. Some people may be allergic or frightened of animals. We know you love your friendly pet, but others may just not be fond of animals. Continuous barking must be prevented. It causes a disturbance and nuisance for your neighbors.

Venturing to New Terrain

You want to go exploring new territory. Your dog will especially love this! Be sure to keep an eye out for other animals, dead animals or poisonous plants. You wouldn’t want them to get into any trouble or eat something that may cause harm to them. Bring extra water for them with you. Just like humans, animals get very thirsty when venturing in the outdoors.

Many animals love to travel. They make wonderful companions especially on road trips and outdoor adventures. You want their experience to be comfortable and fun. If you keep them safe and respect your camping neighbors, you and your pet will have an RV vacation to remember!


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