Tips on Living in Close Quarters RV Camping Style

June 04, 2019

Tips on Living in Close Quarters RV Camping Style

No matter the size of your RV, you will be living in close quarters with your friends, family members or pets when traveling. It is a great bonding opportunity but after a few days it can become slightly tiresome. There is nothing wrong with needing a little personal space even while vacationing in an RV camper. There are ways to make your experience and the experience of those traveling with you better by following these tips on living in close quarters.


Respecting Others Space

Keep your belongings tidy and neat. You may have a room at home you can keep anyway you see fit. However, when traveling in a camper, it is similar to living in a studio apartment. There are rarely separate rooms other than the bathroom. Stay on top of keeping your personal belongings neat and in one designated area. Be diligent about picking up after yourself and do not scatter your things all around the RV.


Shower regularly, always flush, throw away garbage and wash your dishes. Foul odors are very noticable in close quarters. Dishes left in the sink can start to smell after a few days. Trash should be taken out daily. Leave the bathroom the way you found it. Deodorizers for your RV toilet are very helpful for keeping vile smells away. Be sure to shower regularly and wear deodorant.


Make Use of Outdoors

There is a whole world outside of your RV. Once parked, treat the outdoors like an extension of your home. Spend time outside enjoying the weather or building a campfire. Being outdoors is one of the many pleasures of RV lifestyle. This will prevent you and your fellow travelers from feeling cramped inside of your RV.

Take Turns

Take turns driving or sitting in the passenger seat. Being in the front seat gives you a wide angle view of the open road. This actually provides the illusion of more space when you can see the scenery changing in front of you. It also helps to know how close or far your next destination will be.

Let in the Fresh Air

Open the windows all around your RV while driving and during the night. Not only is it refreshing but the ventilation will help with odor and moisture. Allowing fresh air in is specifically useful for anyone feeling cramped or claustrophobic.


Wear Headphones

Not everyone wants to hear your music, television show or video game in your RV. In fact, many people travel by RV campers to get away from the hustle and bustle of technology. Bring a good pair of headphones with you if you are going to enjoy your electronic devices. Other people cannot escape the sound in close quarters. Be respectful.

Don’t allow the fear of close quarters prevent you from taking an RV camping adventure. These useful tips will make the experience much more enjoyable. For yourself and for your loved ones, be considerate and stay mindful!


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