Tips to Teach Your Kids How to Camp

November 26, 2019

Tips to Teach Your Kids How to Camp

One of the best vacations to spend time together as a family is camping. Whether you are traveling by RV or planning to set up tents in a campground or a remote destination, camping is a great way to bring the family closer and eliminate the distractions of everyday life. Another rewarding aspect of family camping is teaching your children lessons about the outdoors, the value of nature and survival techniques. Here are some tips to teach your kids how to camp like pros! 

Setting Up Camp 

Setting up camp is one of the most important lessons to be learned. This will be your home for the duration of time you are on the road or when getting to your final destination. If you plan to park an RV, you still need to make the space comfortable. The best way to do this is by having your children help with the setup. Have them set up camping chairs, collect rocks to build a firepit and lay down the weather resistant rug. Be sure to explain the reasons behind setting up a comfortable campsite. If you plan on setting up tents, remember to take into account their ages. For the little ones, give them simple tasks such as showing them how to connect the poles that will hold the tent up. For the older ones, have them lay out the tent and push the poles through it. Be sure to place the stakes and secure them yourself for safety purposes. 

Using the Bathroom 

Many RV campers come with bathrooms. If this sounds like your RV, be sure to use dissolvable toilet tissue to keep the septic tanks from getting clogged. Explain to your children the purpose for keeping a well maintained RV camper. For those planning to use the bathroom outdoors, show them how to dig a hole and bury their business once they are finished. This is another time dissolvable toilet tissue comes in handy. Dissolvable toilet tissue is also safe for the environment because it is biodegradable. This is the best option for those using the bathroom outdoors to reduce littering the earth. This eco-friendly toilet tissue will teach them about the value of nature and their role in protecting it. 


Building a Fire 

This lesson is very valuable and will add excitement to the camping trip. The age difference matters but the whole family can participate. Show your kids how to collect rocks, the proper firewood and tinder to use for building a long-lasting fire. Next, show them how to build a fire. You must know how to build a fire first, of course! If you are building one from scratch, dig a deep hole. It helps, but isn’t always necessary, to surround the hole you dig with rocks. Show them how to use the tinder and twigs below the larger logs. Place them in a teepee or triangle like formation. This will help the fire below to catch above. Watch as their eyes light up (along with the fire you built together!) that will keep you and your family warm as you enjoy good times around it before heading to bed. Let your children smother the fire in soil and dirt before heading to sleep for the night. It is all a great opportunity in teaching your kids about survival, safety and the many powerful forces of nature. 

Fun in Nature 

Don’t forget the most important part of camping! The fun of it! It is time to have some fun which means showing your kids the great outdoors isn’t all about work. The fun comes after the preparation. Be sure to plan some activities for them. As adults, you might enjoy curling up with a nice bottle of wine and relaxing in your camping chair or hammock. However, kids need a little more stimulation because most children have a lot of energy! Plan activities such as bird watching, rock collecting, foraging, canoeing, fishing, hiking and mountain biking for during the day. There is an array of activities you can plan to be sure they remember all the fun that goes along with family camping trips! 

Your kids will relish in the excitement of the outdoors! There are so many opportunities for teaching, family fun and understanding the importance of nature. 


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