Top 10 Gifts for Outdoorsy Women

November 20, 2019

Top 10 Gifts for Outdoorsy Women

As much as we love our lumberjacks and fishermen, the ladies love the outdoors too! From camping and hiking to bird watching and mountain biking, we want to give the outdoorsy woman in our life a gift she can put to good use. Functional, convenient and fun, these top 10 gifts are sure to make her outdoor adventures worth raving about! 

1. Survival Knife and Sheath 

You may not think a knife is needed, but in the great outdoors it can be used for many different purposes. Foraging for plants, cutting rope, chopping food or as protection from predators, she can use her knife and sheath anytime, anywhere. Plus, the sheath can attach to her belt or backpack for convenience. She will look like a huntswoman, not to mention, a total badass with her knife and sheath! 

2. Biodegradable Toilet Paper

This toilet tissue is 100% environmentally friendly and easily dissolves when wet. Biodegradable toilet paper is the perfect item for anyone who camps in remote destinations or for those that have an RV camper with a septic tank that needs to stay in good working order. She might not think of using the bathroom when ready for her trip, this is a friendly reminder and a useful gift for all those human tendencies we sometimes overlook when preparing for our outdoor adventure! 

3. Wearable Sleeping Bag 

Comfy and cozy by the campfire? You know she will be! A wearable sleeping bag comes with holes for her arms and legs, hooded and fully insulated. It will keep her warm while also allowing her to reach for that bottle of wine or for her guitar to play a tune or two. 

4. Backpack Camp Chair 

Gift her a backpack that can also convert into a camp chair. These nifty 3-in-1 camp chairs go from lightweight backpack to camp stool with a built-in cooler easily and conveniently. She can check out the sights comfortably no matter which scenic destinations she goes to. 

5. Deodorizer

For the practical outdoorsy woman who loves to travel in her RV camper, this gift is for her. This septic tank deodorizer prevents stinky smells from her RV bathroom while simultaneously cleansing the pipes to prevent build-up. Nothing kills a trip like a septic tank problem or foul smells from the bathroom, get her a gift that will keep her trip running smoothly. 

6. Portable Tripod 

If she loves to take photos of nature, a portable tripod will do the trick. Portable tripods come with phone attachments if she likes to take them with her phone but also can be converted to fit DSLR and high-tech cameras as well. The legs of the tripod are flexible. They can be folded up and easily placed in a backpack. They even have grips that can be attached to unusual places like tree branches for those hard-to-get angles. 

7. Wool Socks

Every good outdoorsy woman needs a great pair of wool socks. Wool socks help keep feet dry when her feet sweat. They are also warm yet breathable for keeping her feet cool during long hikes. She can wear them at night for extra warmth and comfort too! 


8. Packable Hammock

Those lazy outdoor days when there is nothing to do but relax in nature are when the packable hammock comes in handy. If the nights are warm, she can easily curl up in one for sleep. A packable hammock can easily be folded up and transported to whichever destination she goes to next. They are durable, lightweight and waterproof. Be sure to buy with straps for attachment. 


9. Travel Journal 

Buy her a durable travel journal she can take with her on her adventures. The best travel journals have blank paper without lines so she can both write and sketch. There is nothing better than sitting in a serene spot on a mountaintop or next to a flowing stream than to write down her thoughts, feelings, create a poem or sketch the beautiful surroundings. 

10. Insulated Wine Glasses 

She doesn’t want any accidents on her trip! In fact, some campgrounds won’t even allow glass. Best to get her an unbreakable, stainless steel, insulated wine glass. This will keep her wine temperature perfect whether she likes it chilled or room temperature. Plus, they are durable and many insulated wine glasses come in super stylish designs. 

Her love of the outdoors extends from spending time in nature to traveling in her RV camper. Give her outdoor gifts for women that will show her how much you love her adventurous spirit! 


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