Top 10 Must Have Camper & RV Accessories

August 22, 2018

Top 10 Must Have Camper & RV Accessories

It doesn’t matter where you’re headed or what you’re driving, everyone needs the right accessories for the trip. No matter where you’re headed, there are some things that you just can’t leave home without!


 1. Water Hose

Even if you’re only on the road for a day or two, you’ll probably still want to be able to use your sink, shower, and toilet. You’ll need an extra-long hose to pump fresh water into your tank, and sometimes the tap isn’t conveniently located. A hose that is at least 25 feet long should work, but if you can’t find one long hose, you can easily connect 2 shorter ones.


2. RV Toilet Paper

If you try to use Charmin for your RV toilet, you’re going to have a clog pretty quickly. Save yourself the trouble and buy TP that’s specified as RV safe. For example, Firebelly Outfitters offers biodegradable, soft, fragrance-free toilet paper that gets the job done.


3. Water Pressure Gauge

Knowing the pressure in your water pipes is crucial, if it gets higher than what your system can handle you’re in trouble. Imagine water everywhere, in your clothes, on your dishes, everywhere. When buying a pressure gauge, looking for a deal is not the approach you want to take. Even if they’re a little pricey, a quality gauge could save you a lot of heartache and thousands of dollars in damage to your RV.



4. Holding Tank Treatment

 Since your waste doesn't break down on its own, it needs chemicals to process solids into liquids. Firebelly Outfitters offers a holding tank "waste digester" that helps to dissolve toilet paper and human waste.


5. A Sewer Hose

You definitely need two separate hoses for your freshwater and your wastewater, mixing the two would be pretty unsanitary, and gross. You probably wouldn’t be able to anyway, as the sewer hose is a bit larger and have their own special attachments. Like the pressure gauge, you need a hose that is sturdy and durable. If your hose has a tear, it’s likely you’ll find out while you’re pumping waste out of your septic tank. No one wants waste water leaking out onto them, or potentially bursting. There’s a reason it’s called a “black water” tank, so get yourself some thick rubber gloves too, just in case.


6. Stabilizing Blocks

If you’re travelling on dirt and gravel paths out into the wilderness, it’s highly unlikely that you’re going to be sleeping on level ground. Even if you are, you should still bring stabilizing blocks in case you end up at an angle.


7. Chocks 

Chocks are excellent for anyone who plans on dragging a trailer behind them. If you park on an uneven surface, your trailer may just roll off into the sunset. So get some chocks that are heavy duty and stay in place.


8.  A Headlamp

When you're camping, you'll inevitably end up in the dark at some point. If electricity fails, and you can't build a fire in the rain, you'll need a source of light somehow. While candles come in handy for the inside of your RV, you'll be glad you brought a hands-free flashlight for getting into hard to reach places. If you need to make some repairs under the van, you won't have to struggle to see either!


9. Replacement Fuses

Speaking of repairs, the second worst thing that could happen aside from a pipe bursting, is a fuse blowout. Without replacements, you could easily end up stranded out in the middle of nowhere. The best option would be to purchase a kit with a few different kinds available.


10. Torque Wrench

In the same way that you regularly check the tire pressure on your car, a torque wrench measures the torque of your tires. Always use about twice the amount of torque you need.


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