Top 5 Ways Covid-19 Impacts RV Travel - It’s Time to Hit the Road!

October 16, 2020

Top 5 Ways Covid-19 Impacts RV Travel - It’s Time to Hit the Road!

Thinking you can't hit the road? This COVID-19 pandemic has been weighing on the restless minds of citizens across the U.S. since December 2019. It is no surprise individuals and families are packing up and headed for the road for a much-needed reprieve during these hectic times. We thought the pandemic would put travel at a standstill. But as it turns out, COVID-19 is impacting RV travel in a positive way! As we know, the unexpected can have its upsides with the right mindset. Here are the top 5 reasons RV travel has boomed since the COVID-19 pandemic.


*Please Note* most campgrounds across the U.S. are reopening as of September 2020. We advise RV travelers to call and ensure campgrounds and other RV travel sites are open to the public.


Safer Vacations


When you have a home on wheels, you can travel the country without hopping into public bathrooms and dining out for the night. You might not be dining at the newly renovated french restaurant, Rendezvous or catching a quick bite at a local Cracker Barrel in the morning but you don’t have to worry about you or your family's safety. Take a hike, build a campfire, go lake fishing, - there are many fun and family friendly activities to do on your vacation! Prepare with the right RV travel essentials  beforehand and you won’t have to walk into a public convenience store, restaurant or bathroom for the entirety of your vacation. Vacations during the COVID-19 pandemic are safer when you travel in an RV home.


Stir-Crazy Release


Remote working, reduced hours, layoffs and even temporary business closures have made being cooped up at home a full-time job. We may have put together a fancy home office, but for many of us, it’s been a challenge staying at home day in and day out. RV travel gives many of us that stir-crazy release they've been looking for - even if it's for a few days or 1 week at most.




We often plan costly vacations to scenic destinations when we are working full-time in our hometowns or commuting nearby. The COVID-19 pandemic has been costly for individuals and businesses alike. Some have even been required to take pay cuts or paid time off at a fraction of their salary. RV travel has always been a more affordable and attractive way to vacation. It is becoming especially true during the COVID-19 pandemic. Don't own an RV mobile home? You don't have to! Rentals cost less in terms of airfare, boarding and meals combined than most annual vacation trips.


Remote Working


To keep the spread of COVID-19 at a minimum, many businesses have required their employees to work from home. Reality is you don't have to work from home to work remotely. You can work from anywhere as long as you have a decent WiFi hookup. RV travel takes the painstaking agony of being cooped up all day at work into a fun adventure. Just make sure you don't get lost in the thrill and remember to stay disciplined on the road!


Nature Therapy


Studies show spending time in nature reduces chemicals in the body related to anxiety and increased stress. As we know stress can do damaging things to a person's mind, body and spirit. And if there is one thing this pandemic has caused in the daily lives of many people is STRESS! When you travel in your mobile home, the world - especially nature destinations - is your oyster. Today it might be the Big Basin Redwoods in Boulder Creek, California and tomorrow, it is the sandy beaches of Santa Barbara right outside the artsy Funk Zone. You can immerse yourself in the comfort and calming energy of nature when you RV travel.


RV travel is booming in popularity! Even during this apprehensive era, don't miss out on the experience- especially if any of these reasons apply to you! It is worth it to turn a tragedy into a triumph. So, get in gear and hit the road for a refreshing release from the humdrum of your daily routine.


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