Top RV Campers in 2020

November 06, 2019

Top RV Campers in 2020

With more people taking to the road for summer vacation or traveling across country to sightsee, the RV camper industry is making more models to meet the needs of families and individuals. Whether it is solely based on style or on the RV model features, 2020 is expected to be a great year for RV campers. 

Airstream Nest 

The Airstream Nest is a new model from Airstream, a brand of RV campers that have been around for almost 100 years. Trademarked by their sleek aluminum bodies that resemble a time capsule or a metallic spaceship, the Airstream Nest will have a simple interior designed for two people. It comes pre-wired for solar panels, bluetooth-controlled LED lighting, multiple USB posts, 3D laminate gallery top in the two-burner stove kitchen and windows from head to toe. 


Hutte Hut 

The Hutte Hut design is meant for those who love retro-modern style. It comes with a metallic frame, full-grain leather details but almost entirely made from marine-grade plywood with solid wood trusses and birch paneling. It even has a retractable canvas top to diffuse sunlight and for  sleeping under the stars. While it can be equipped with kitchen and quite possible a small bathroom, it is truly a high-quality blank canvas to work from. 


Opus Camper 

The Opus camper slightly resembles a utility vehicle when hitched to the back of your truck or SUV. However, the tent-like structure once inflated is large enough for a family to sleep inside of. Unlike standard tents, the OPUS comes with inflatable tubes instead of poles. This makes it quick and easy to set up. By pressing a button, the camper inflates in about 90 seconds. There are two versions of this camper, one of which can be taken off-road. This camper can be equipped with other features if desired, such as a bathroom, a solar-powered shower or kayak carriers. 

Taxa Cricket 

The Taxa Cricket has a bend-and-fold exterior with a standard pop-up that can easily be stood in. Just as long as you aren’t taller than 6 feet and 4 inches. The Taxa Cricket is built with functionality at the forefront of its design. Coming as no surprise that it was designed by a former NASA engineer. This is why it is particularly strong, made of extra heavy gauge aluminum and using thicker plywood flooring. It can comfortably fit two adults and two children for the nighttime hours. 

Intech RV Luna and the Luna Lite

Unlike traditional teardrop trailers, the Luna’s front is nearly upright for a more spacious design. However, its aerodynamic shape remains lightweight, easy to tow, has a large window for visibility, European style frames, a 40-inch TV, air conditioning and a kitchenette. The less expensive model, the Luna Lite, is similar but features a smaller TV, kitchenette and traditional RV windows. 

These RV camper models have already hit the scene but will find themselves growing in popularity as the 2020 new year approaches for their style, functionality and design. We should expect to see even more models introduced as we move forward into the year 2020 and as it continues on! 


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