Top Ways to Affordably Luxurize Your RV Camper

July 02, 2019

Top Ways to Affordably Luxurize Your RV Camper

We don’t always want to “rough” it when we are out in the wilderness or on a cross country vacation. Our camper might be comfy but sometimes we want those little extras that will bring the pleasures of home for a cozier camping experience. Big ticket luxury items for glamping can cost a pretty penny. There are ways to affordable luxurize your RV camping experience

Sleep Soundly 

How we sleep at night is the most important part of a brighter day ahead. We want to feel well rested without any stress on our bodies. Invest in memory foam padding and pillows for your camper bed. Memory foam is designed to move with the shape of your body and to help balance the weight of your body. It is especially helpful when sleeping next to another person! If you want to take the nights rest outdoors, invest in an inflatable mattress to keep inside of your tent with you. 

Keep Cool

If your RV doesn’t come equipped with an awning consider installing a motorized awning or purchasing a pop-up canopy to add shade to the outdoors once you arrive at your destination.These are especially helpful for areas without a lot of shade from trees. You can keep cooler with the sun off of you or hang outside when it rains with an extension of your RV camper outdoors. 


No Electricity Lights 

For a little extra lighting when night falls, solar panel peg lights work great to light up the path to your camper or around it. Place them in the sun during the day and stick them in the ground to create a pretty path after the sun sets. LED battery operated string lights also make things sparkle. No electricity needed. They are beautiful mood lighting for a fun and festive night outdoors. 

Bathroom Breaks 

We hope your RV camper comes with a toilet for bathroom use. If it does, have dissolvable toilet paper stocked for smoother plumbing and less waste. If it doesn’t, this RV camper toilet paper is also biodegradable to prevent less clean-up for using the bathroom outdoors. 


Clean & Tidy 

Prevent tracking in dirt, dust and grime from the outdoors by investing in a roll-up floor mat or reusable tarps to keep outside of your camper door. Weatherproof and durable, these also work great for outside of tents. 


Outdoor Sound 

Music has the power to change the mood no matter where we are! Who wouldn’t want to listen to their favorite musician or band overlooking majestic natural scenery? Bluetooth and weatherproof speakers that can be installed directly to your RV or battery operated will bring the sound outdoors for wherever you may be next. 

Eat Comfortably 

You definitely want to have good seating when enjoying the outdoors. Try a folding chair with padding, a headrest and a side table with an insulated nook to keep your drink. This will make it more comfortable to enjoy your meal and drink outdoors while appreciating the lovely morning sunrise for breakfast or the brilliantly colorful sunset at dinnertime. 

Luxury to your RV camper is in the details! Those big ticket items are something we would all like to have, but it might just not be in the budget right now. These items will luxurize your RV camping experience without breaking the bank. 


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