Valuable Essentials for Your RV 

June 26, 2019

Valuable Essentials for Your RV 

There isn’t any reason you can’t have the comfort of home in your RV camper. Limited space does not mean limited comfort. There are valuable essentials every RV traveler needs to bring with them when turning their mobile home into a cozy abode on wheels. These valuable essentials will make living in your RV camper feel like home! 


Biodegradable Toilet Paper 

Whether your RV camper comes equipped with a toilet or not, biodegradable toilet paper is the best option. It makes it easy to keep your pipes and RV septic tank running smoothly. If the outdoors are your bathroom, biodegradable toilet paper dissolves quickly, just add water. 


Fresh Scents 

Close quarters can start to smell quickly. Whether it is dirty laundry, unwashed dishes, overflowing trash or doing your business on the toilet, things can become foul! Invest in deodorizer packets that help control odor and waste in your RV holding tank. RV natural air fresheners are designed to eliminate unpleasant stenches without chemicals floating around. You do not want to breathe in fumes in such a tight space. Baking soda and a few drops of your favorite essential oil inside of a mason jar with poked holes on the top is one alternative solution.  


Regulate Moisture 

RV campers are prone to condensation and wet air in practically any climate. Dehumidifiers help eliminate moisture to prevent mildew and mold from forming. Mildew and mold creates a musty scent and it leads to potentially worse problems such as pests and permanent damage. 


Magnetic Spice and Utensil Rack 

Enjoy cooking on the road? If your RV camper has a kitchenette, chances are it isn’t as big as your kitchen at home. Save on space by installing a magnetic strip above or underneath your sink. Using heavy-duty super glue add magnets to spice jars and stick them to the strip. Purchase metallic cookware and utensils to place them on the magnetic strip for organization and convenience. 

Lap Trays

If you need to get work done or eat a meal on the road with no dining table, lap trays make excellent alternatives to your dining problems. Many are designed to fold making it easier to store them. Having a flat surface to eat, work or even play a game of solitaire adds comfort and convenience to your RV experience. 


Storage Bins

Keep your belongings moisture resistant and dustproof in transparent storage bins. They are stackable and safe for your belongings. Plus, they keep things organized and tidy when living in a small space. 

These valuable essentials will provide more space and more comfort on your RV adventures. You and your family can focus on the outdoor fun and the awesome sites you will visit instead of the humdrum upkeep of living in close quarters!


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