Why Do RV Toilets Require A Specialized Toilet Tissue?

August 11, 2018

Why Do RV Toilets Require A Specialized Toilet Tissue?


In order to understand why you need a specific kind of toilet tissue for your RV, you have to get to know the ins and outs of your septic system. Since water and waste are separated into different tanks, it is essential that your toilet paper is able to disintegrate with ease, and doesn’t clump as it’s flushed down the toilet. The last thing you want is for your septic system to become backed up!


Pay Close Attention to Your Black Water Tank

Your waste management structure has a gray water tank to collect water from you shower and sinks, and a black water tank for all the unsanitary material from toilets. RV toilets are also known as “macerators,” or “pump toilets” because they have to work harder to pump waste into your black water tank. If large clumps of toilet paper do end up stuck, you’ll have to go through the arduous process of determining whether or not it’s your toilet that needs unclogging, or the actual tank.  

RV Specialty Toilet Tissue

Since we know we can’t go out and buy a few rolls of Charmin, how do we know what to look for in our toilet paper? Well, the description on the tissue you use should read something along the lines of “Safe for RV’s and Mobile Homes.” If it doesn’t say anything about RV’s, it should specify in some way that it’s safe for septic tanks and systems. If you’re ever unsure about whether or not it’s going to work, buy a single roll and test it out!


Testing Your Rapid Dissolve T.P.

Get a water bottle, fill it up, and add three to five squares of toilet tissue. Shake two or three times and let it settle on its own, the water bottle represents a sitting RV septic system. After a few minutes, it should look as if the water is just a bit murky. There shouldn’t be any solid chunks visible within the bottle; if there are, you may want to try another brand.

When flushing any kind of toilet tissue, don’t flush too much down the drain at a time no matter what kind it is. Once toilet paper starts to clump up, it can take much longer for the breakdown process to happen. Be conscious and flush it once or twice before you’re finished if necessary!


white roll of rapid dissolving toilet tissue.


Don’t Risk a Mess

In addition to using the best rapid dissolving toilet paper that’s septic tank safe, it’s always a good idea to use a holding tank “waste digester” that helps liquify the waste and has the ability to clean the walls of the tank while deodorizing. This will help ensure that your waste flows easily out through your sewer hose and into the dump station while keeping your sensors clean and functional. It’s just better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your septic system because cleaning up this kind of mess…stinks.

Tip: When it comes time to empty your black tank, especially when you aren’t going to use your RV or boat for a while, it’s a good idea to try and tilt your tanks toward the dump station to get complete evacuation. You can use your leveling blocks or jacks to do this if needed.




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