Bio-Formula RV & Septic Holding Tank Deodorizer Packets


Powerful & Safe RV Septic System Treatment

Firebelly Outfitters' super-concentrated RV holding tank treatment packets are Formaldehyde Free, Biodegradable, and septic safe, yet are powerful enough to make last nights campfire chili smell like fresh Mulberry. Each resealable bag comes with 20 powerful deodorizing packets and each one treats up to 40 gallons of black tank water per pack so you can keep your RV bathroom odor-free and your tank cleaner. 

No Mess – Just Toss & Go!

No measuring powders or liquids, our packets are pre-portioned for up to 40-gallon tanks. Simply toss a packet in your toilet and flush to dissolve waste, clean tank walls, and liquify septic-safe RV toilet tissue. Our Bio-Formula Deodorizer packets are great for use in travel trailers, porta-potty units, campers, boats, portable camping toilets, mobile homes, 5th wheels, and they can even be used with your home septic system! 

Triple Molecular Technology

Our toilet deodorizers are formulated with triple molecular technology to provide superior odor control that lasts longer than most RV toilet tank cleaner tablets by encapsulating and neutralizing the odor. With 20 deodorizing packets per pouch, we provide 2X more than our competitors. Which means more time enjoying the great outdoors!