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Pet Care and Safety Tips for RV Travel

March 4 , 2021

Some pet owners swear against it, but taking your pets on an RV adventure is actually a great
way to bond with them. It also prevents them from being in a kennel or away from you for too
long. And as we know, pets love their fur mommy and fur daddy. There are a few things you
should know to keep your pets well-being safe and cared for as you head off onto the great
unknown with them.

RV Introduction

Your pet might not be accustomed to your new home-on-wheels. Introduce them to your RV
before heading out on a long RV trip. Similar to humans, pets need to become familiar and
comfortable in their new environment. First, have them roam about it when your RV is
stationary. You can use treats to coax them into it. Second, take short trips with them inside. A
couple of times around the block or a 20 minute drive to a nearby destination. Don’t forget to
reward them with loads of affection and plenty of treats for their good behavior.


Temperature control is one of the most important pet RV travel safety precautions. Heat
exhaustion could be fatal to your furry friend. If it is 70 degrees fahrenheit outdoors, your RV
could reach up to 100 degrees. This also works for cold temperatures. Their natural fur coats
can’t protect them against extremely cold weather. We mean it! Your best bet is to invest in a
temperature monitoring system.

Seatbelts, Crates and Carriers

Your RV being like a second home can make you forget pets shouldn’t necessarily be roaming
around it as you are driving. There are pet seat belt adapters similar to harnesses to keep them
safe. You can also choose to put them in a crate or carrier, especially if your pet gets “driving
anxiety.” Driving anxiety is when your pet wimpers, paces about frantically, tries to hide
underneath your legs and begins to shiver / shake while driving. These can help keep them safe
from accidents and free from bouts of anxiety.

Pet ID

Your pet needs ID before hitting the road with you. Your pets ID includes veterinary records,
vaccination certifications and a collar with an updated ID tag.

Pet Basic Essentials

Remember to pack the basics! Food, water, dish, leash, doggy bags, kitty litter, harnesses, toys
and other nifty pet gear, like pet hiking water bottles.  Always have extra, if there is an

Campground Pet Rules

As we’ve mentioned in previous articles, not every campground allows pets and other
campgrounds have specific rules or areas where travelers with pets can camp. Do your
research beforehand.

Local Vets and Pet Sitters

As you travel along your route toward your final destination, be sure to have local vet contact
information handy. If you plan to head out from your RV for a long day trip without them, it is a
good idea to find a local pet sitter who can stay with your pet while you are away from your RV
for the day. Let’s face it, most RV’s are about a quarter of the size of a small ranch house. They
need attention and exercise.

Driving Safety

Follow all traffic laws as you normally would. Don’t forget to drive SLOWLY. Your pet is precious
cargo. If you go down, they are going down with you. This also applies to more than just
accidents, but don’t run into any issues with the law or RV maintenance if you can help it. Unlike
people, it is harder to find a place for your pet to stay overnight.

Stop for Breaks and Don’t Keep Them Cooped Up

If you take your pet out every couple hours at home, take them twice as much when traveling by
RV. This means you should factor in frequent breaks if you are on a specific schedule too. Your
pets need to stretch their legs. Most will need to use the bathroom more often as well. Pets can
drink and eat more when on the road – hey, they are on vacation too!

Plan Fun Stuff to Do Together

We know you love your furry friend, but RV pet travel is not the same as going out for the day
and snuggling up with them on the bed at night. Plan activities for your pet to come along with
you. If you plan on going on a hike, get them on the trail. If you plan on chilling outdoors at a
woodsy campground, let them hang outdoors with you. Don’t forget to follow any pet
campground rules. Try to be consistent in sleeping arrangements too. If they sleep in your bed
with you at night, let them sleep with you in your RV. If possible, make them their own special
sleep spot to come back to every night.

It can be a ton of fun having your pet with you on your RV adventure. Pet pals make excellent
company. But don’t forget, they have needs too! Care for the safety of your pet with the same
comfort provided to any member of your family and you will have a great journey with them on
the road.

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